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North shore toyota news besides bestselling prius toyota continues to help the environment

North Shore Toyota news: Besides best-selling Prius, Toyota continues to help the environment

Over the past year or so, the driving public has been seeing a lot of headlines about the lengths the automotive industry has gone to help the environment. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Toyota, the innovative manufacturer behind the best-selling Prius, is one of the leaders in the reform movement. A recent announcement has reminded us all that there is more to this “corporate responsibility” thing in the way of “green business” than the media has been letting on. While focusing on developing cutting-edge technology for fuel economy is a step towards eco-friendliness, it’s certainly not everything.
Sorry for the verbal onslaught here, but I just recently walked into my North Shore Toyota dealer and found out some spectacular news: Toyota has just joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WasteWise program, the first national voluntary solid waste reduction program. That’s a step beyond what some of the most eco-friendly manufacturers are doing as their part. Step inside any Chicago used Toyota dealerships and you know you’ll be patronizing one of the most environmentally friendly dealers in the area.
For its part, the WasteWise program encourages companies to practice waste prevention, recycling and buying or manufacturing recycled products as a means of reducing municipal solid waste. This means that your North Shore Toyota dealers are making a daily effort to do everything that they can to help the environment. In fact, in 2008, Toyota Motor Sales USA logged that 86 percent of its waste was recycled – the equivalent of more than 24,000,000 pounds. That means Toyota was responsible for cutting emissions by the equivalent of the output from more than 10,549 vehicles. Chicago 2010 Prius drivers are doing more than their part by patronizing a company with the foresight to practice what it preaches.
“The WasteWise program is a great opportunity to recognize the efforts of Toyota associates that contribute to our waste reduction and recycling efforts every day,” said Bob Wade, corporate manager of environmental, hazardous material and safety. “The greenhouse gas reduction focus in our industry is primarily on vehicle emissions. But Toyota works to reduce emissions throughout all aspects of our business. From energy efficiency in our facilities to waste reduction and recycling, our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint.”
On top of the WasteWise program, Chicago 2010 Prius drivers know that Toyota has already made a name for itself in fuel efficiency with the Prius, as well as other gas-savers like the Corolla and Camry. The Prius is the real standout, though, as one of the first hybrid cars and the car with the highest EPA rating on the market. Even Chicago used Toyota dealerships get to reap the benefits of having the Prius in stock.
This winter, if you’re looking to buy a vehicle that contributes to the safe-keeping of our environment and natural resources, look no further than Toyota. The Prius is an affordable and long-term cost saving vehicle that is also stylish and dependable and one of the most innovative cars on the market.

Toyota corolla problems toyota corolla recalls

Toyota Corolla Problems – Toyota Corolla Recalls

The Toyota Corolla is a terrific vehicle, but like any automobile, it has had some problems and recalls. The best way to deal with these Toyota Corolla problems and recalls is to get an extended warranty for your Corolla. If you are an American resident, use the link below to receive a FREE quote for an extended warranty for your Toyota. Toyota Corolla Problems – Toyota Corolla Recalls

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Although the Toyota Corolla is a quality vehicle, it has had some problems in the past. Every car and truck on the road will have mechanical or electrical problems at some point. If your Toyota has just one problem with its engine or transmission, it can cost thousands of dollars to repair if the vehicle isn’t under warranty. An extended warranty will protect you from the cost of fixing these problems once Toyota’s warranty no longer covers your Corolla. Don’t worry about high repair costs – an extended warranty gives you piece of mind. If you live in the United States, use the link below to request a free online Toyota extended warranty quote:

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You made a smart decision to buy or lease a Toyota Corolla – now make another intelligent decision and see if a Toyota Corolla Extended Warranty is right for you. It only takes a few seconds to request a free quote and it you could save thousands of dollars in the future.

Billings toyota dealer

Billings Toyota Dealer

Keeping on top of consumer attitudes and trends, Montana Toyota Dealer has announced that they will be drastically cutting back on the production of the full-size Tundra truck and Sequoia SUV starting in May. The two vehicles are currently being produced at manufacturing plants in Indiana and Texas

The sluggish economy and sky rocketing gas prices are to blame for slowing sales of Toyota’s full-size vehicles, which have been sitting longer at Manistee Toyota Dealer and other dealers around the country. As consumers are faced with rising costs everywhere they turn, more new car buyers are looking to small and more fuel efficient vehicles to fill their garages, resulting in the slowing demand for full-size vehicles.With the housing market also in bad shape, Tundra and Sequoia sales are also falling short among constriction industry personnel who are looking for large work vehicles.With the housing market also in bad shape, Tundra and Sequoia sales are also falling short among constriction industry personnel who are looking for large work vehicles.

Toyota has had a few struggles lately. With several recalls recently, the automaker is learning from its mistakes and hoping to prevent further issues. By staying on top of such as production issues, Toyota is hoping it can stay on course to become the number one automaker in terms of worldwide sales.

The Cleveland OH Toyota dealers some model gives for all-new Sequoia is suffering from bad timing, being introduced as consumers are turning away from the full-size SUV market while compact SUV are selling aggressively.

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