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Toyota sienna long island dealership shares details of current prius plug in research

Toyota Sienna Long Island dealership shares details of current Prius plug-in research

With the progression of engine technology hitting peak levels, I’m continuing looking Toyota’s way for a better lease on engine life. Yeah, I know. The recent recalls for the Toyota Prius have slapped a permanent black mark on the Japanese manufacturer’s record, but it isn’t like Toyota is the first automaker to suffer from a factory part defect. We have to give the manufacturer some credit for dealing with the mechanical failures in a swift and efficient way. And we have to stop starting rumors that there are more reports of runaway cars. But, the important thing is that Toyota is making a play for a renewed spot at the top of the fuel technology pile, and Long Island Toyota Sienna dealers are getting set to benefit.
It all started with the launch of the Prius, one of the first hybrids to hit U.S. markets. From then on, the fuel technology revolution has gained steam and spiraled out of control (thanks to the efforts of market-savvy automakers) to expand far beyond Toyota Sienna Long Island dealerships. These days, it seems like there isn’t a single manufacturer that hasn’t ventured into new realms of technological advancement in terms of fuel economy. And now, the market is about to get sweeter with an announcement from Toyota that the new plug-in Prius is nearly here, sending Long Island Toyota Sienna and other Toyota dealers into a frenzy. The vehicle was introduced at the company’s second Sustainable Mobility Seminar, which took place about a month ago in San Diego.
The car will debut some time in the U.S. with 150 units for commercial use, mostly for testing by educational institutions, government bodies and corporate entities. For Toyota Sienna Long Island drivers, this is a pretty good sign that Toyota will be employing similar technology across other models in the coming years. This could also mean that Toyota Sienna fans will get the same kind of opportunity to test and share market data in the early stages of the car’s launch. Then again, it’ll probably be a decent amount of time before Long Island Toyota Sienna fans get to see it. But we’ll just have to wait in the wings and see.
A little more info about the engine technology comes from the press release: “The first generation lithium-ion drive battery’s unique composition is the key to the PHVs expanded all-electric power. The battery is composed of three packs, one main battery and two additional packs. At vehicle start, the PHV operates in all-electric mode, drawing electrical power directly from battery pack one. When pack one’s battery charge is depleted, it disconnects from the circuit and pack two engages and supplies electrical energy to the motor. When pack two is depleted it disconnects from the circuit and the system defaults to conventional hybrid mode, using the main battery as the sole electrical power source. Pack one and pack two will not reengage in tandem with the main battery pack until the vehicle is plugged in and charged.”

Dodge ram mi takes on tough competitor toyota tundra in mi auto times battle

DETROIT, M.I. – Dodge Ram MI vehicle owners will be interested in a recent round of competition held by MI Auto Times for its May the Best Truck Win competition. The Dodge Ram MI truck was faced by the Toyota Tundra regular cab in the second round of the MI Auto Times contest, and it wasn’t a shutout by any means.

The Dodge Ram MI truck featured in the comparison was the 1500 SLT, also a regular cab, and MI Auto Times staff spent many days deciding which truck, the Dodge Ram or the Toyota Tundra, would advance to the next round of competition.

The comparison awards star ratings based on four categories which include warranty, value, comfort and power, and the top score possible is four stars in each category. The warranty category measures how well automakers back their vehicles. Comfort includes all the interior amenities. Power judges for payload, towing capacity, torque and horsepower. And value takes MSRP, national incentives and gas mileage into account.

When it came to power, MI Auto Times awarded a tie giving both the Dodge Ram MI truck and the Toyota Tundra 3 ? stars. Both trucks had a V8 engine but the Dodge Ram slightly edged out the Toyota Tundra because of its extra liter of size, therefore giving it more displacement and power. The Toyota Tundra did have more towing power with a 7,500 capacity and a larger payload of 1,795. Both vehicles had the same torque and horsepower of 310.

Value determined the Toyota Tundra to be the better option with 3 ? stars whereas the Dodge Ram MI truck earned 3 stars. The Dodge Ram does have GMAC bonus cash of $1,000 but that still makes it $100 more than the Toyota Tundra’s base MSRP. The Toyota Tundra also had better combined gas mileage of 17 mpg against 15 combined mpg for the Dodge Ram. Estimated total fuel cost savings for the Toyota Tundra is $323 cheaper.

Comfort ruled the winner to be the Dodge Ram MI truck with 3 ? stars versus the Toyota Tundra 3 star net. More standard features such as power windows, power sliding rear window, cruise control, power door locks and heated mirrors were some of the items the Toyota Tundra lacked as standard. The Toyota Tundra also required customers to purchase a satellite radio subscription for $449 but the Dodge Ram MI Truck gave customers an entire year subscription at no charge.

Warranty takes care of customers long after they’ve left the dealership and the Dodge Ram warranty is supreme. Earning 3 ? stars, the Dodge Ram gives customers a five year/100,000-mile power train limited warranty, and a three year/36,000 mile basic warranty. The 3-star rated Toyota Tundra also shares a three year/36,000 mile basic warranty but only a 60-month/60,000 mile powertrain warranty. Also, the Dodge Ram gives better rust coverage of five years or 100,000 miles while the Toyota Tundra only provides unlimited miles at 60 months.

The winner of the second round: The most awarded truck ever, the Dodge Ram 1500 SLT.

The second round winner is: Dodge Ram 1500 SLT, The most awarded Ram truck ever.

Detroit Trucks owners who want to find the full details of the MI Auto Times competition can visit http://www.miautotimes.com to read more or watch the video.

MI Auto Times covers all Michigan automotive news all the time, featuring newly released vehicle recall information, relevant Michigan automaker news, vehicle ratings and comparisons, and everything else auto-related Michigan and world readers need to know.

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1Information from www.fueleconomy.gov

2Dodge Ram 330 pound-feet torque at 4,000 RPM. Toyota Tundra 327 pound-feet torque at 3,400 RPM.

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