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Corolla tail lights for cutting edge style

Corolla Tail Lights – For Cutting Edge Style

Toyota Corolla is a special car. It has the distinction of being one of the best selling cars in the history of automobiles. It is a typical economy car. It does not cost much to buy it, it does not cost much to run it, and moreover it is dependable. Its appeal cuts across the generations. From the younger people to older ones, all like it. Since its introduction in 1968 it has been through ten generations. There had been some modifications in each generation. Over the years more powerful engines, firmer suspensions, four-wheel disc brakes, safety features like stability control and airbags have been introduced from time to time. It had been available in many body styles like sedan, coupe, hatchback, and wagon, but at present it is available only as sedan. It has all that a buyer would expect in this type of car.
After buying a car their owners go in for aftermarket products. Tail lights are one of the items that specially interest car lovers. No doubt they are an essential safety feature but they also serve as an item of adornment and enhance the overall looks of a car. You can give a new look to your car by replacing the existing tail lights. They are inexpensive and easy to install. They are a set of lights located at the rear end of the car. The main lights are bright and red in color and they inform the car following your car of your presence on the road. There are other lights which indicate whether you will be turning left or right. These are yellow in color. There are brake lights, parking lights and the lights which shine when you reverse the car. All these lights enable the traffic to flow smoothly. Since they are so visible their designers take pains to make the latest Corolla tail lights look very attractive and also serve as an item that underscores the cutting edge style of the car.
Corolla is admired by a large section of car buyers, and the Corolla tail lights are admired by those who pass by the car. You can see the latest Corolla tail lights at www.buytaillights.com


X news the polar caps require a polar hilux

4X4 News: The Polar Caps Require A Polar Hilux

When Jeremy Clarkson and James May decided to venture to the North Pole, they were looking for a vehicle that was indestructible (in other words a vehicle they could abuse), so the Toyota Hilux was the obvious choice. This mighty machine driven by the Top Gear presenters is due to go on display at the 2010 Outdoor Show. Great-Cars.co.uk reported that the “4×4 which conquered the ice and snowfields” will hopefully triumph at the show offering visitors the chance to get behind the wheel of a similarly awesome Hilux and test their own driving skills in a range of adventure off-roading tours which are being promoted at the show.

The Top Gear North Pole Expedition shows have been described by Concept-Cars.org as “one of their best shows, they really pushed their limits on this one”. 4×4 enthusiasts may want to head to the NEC arena between March 26th and 28th to take a look at the Arctic truck, which transported Clarkson and May to the North Pole.

A spokesperson for Toyota said that the Hilux that conquered the caps was “equipped with a few additional features to meet the demands of tackling the countries glaciers, including a set of giant 38-inch tyres that allow the vehicle to traverse deep into snow and thin ice”.

Toyota have a challenge on their hands if they want to attract the same number of viewers at the show that Clarkson and May did when they voyaged across the North Pole – with millions of viewers tuning in to see the Hilux become the first car to be driven to the Magnetic North Pole.

Camry air intake enhance you cars performance

Camry Air intake – Enhance You Car's Performance

The Toyota Camry was introduced in 1983 and was a replacement of the Corona. It was aimed specifically at the U.S. market. The Camry eventually went on to dominate the segment of mid-size family cars for a long time. The car appealed to the buyers because of its high class quality built, level of comfort, outstanding durability and a strong engine. More levels of the original version were manufactured with measures of size and luxury, sport and posh features. It continues to be a very hot selling car because of its spacious interiors and dependability which is all important when you consider purchasing a car with a family in mind. This allows you to have a comfortable journey without compromising on the quality of performance.
The Camry is known for its fuel efficiency. You can further up the level of its performance by installing the Camry air intake. An air intake is a device which helps to transport cool air to the internal combustion engine. This cuts the need for the air to travel through the other parts of the engine which are very heated up and therefore they heat up the air as well. This cold air is beneficial as it is more dense and therefore more air is able to squeeze into the combustion chamber. That means more oxygen is available for combustion. With higher levels of oxygen the fuel gets burnt in a more efficient manner thus improving the car’s fuel consumption. Besides this also leaves behind less residual fuel which is good for the health of the car.
The Camry air intake is good for delivering good performances and preserving the health of the car’s engine. Thus you have to spend less on servicing. It also saves fuel by using it more efficiently. This too is good for you monetarily. It is also a good way to be environmentally friendly as your car will give off less pollution due to cleaner combustion. With less wastage it is a happy situation for all. The air intake is not expensive and is sure to make your journey better. To know more you can visit www.ilovebodykits.com


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