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Automakers focus on quality

Auto-Makers Focus On Quality

With countless controversies and recall crisis, Toyota finally decides to take effective steps for improvement in quality of the automobiles. Toyota is a giant in the auto market and has incurred losses due to frequent accidents of its cars reason being poor quality. Scientists of NASA space and aeronautics will be helping Toyota analyze its electronic throttles to check if they are behind unintended acceleration.

“It is important that people who are planning to purchase a vehicle feel secured. Quality is one of the most important factors why people pay higher prices. Toyota, world’s largest automobile maker has to recall around 8.5 million vehicles globally in the past few months. After this incident they have realized that apart from monetary losses, their brand reputation and customer confidence is seriously hampered”, informs Anthony Tribunella, Director of Operations at Auto Relief Group.

“The actions that Toyota is taking on quality focus are of high priority. Regaining their lost customer and prospect’s confidence must be their only motto now. This reminds of some of our clients who came to us saying that they need auto loan modification as they spent a lot of money to check the quality of their vehicles. They wanted to pay lower monthly payments to save some dollars every month. Thus, we successfully completed their loan modifications by negotiating and renegotiating with the banks and other financial institutions and finally helped our clients pay less”, says Anthony.

ARG is nation’s leading auto loan modifier. It acts as a third party between you and your bank, renegotiate debt amounts, interest rates and monthly payments.

About the Author:

Anthony Tribunella is the Director of Operations at Auto Relief Group. ARG has a fifteen years experience in the loan modification industry and Anthony is an expert in this field.

To know more about Auto Relief Group and its scope of services,

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Of the best gas mileage cars to consider when buying a new or used car

5 of the Best Gas Mileage Cars to Consider When Buying a New or Used Car

When you are looking for your next car whether you are buying a new or used vehicle the one thing that you should be considering is, buying one of the best gas mileage cars available. This doesn’t mean that we all have to drive around in Micro cars either as there are some good small to mid-size cars with good gas mileage.

The difference between choosing a fuel efficient car over one that is a gas guzzler can be substantial over the life of the vehicle. Fuel efficiency varies greatly from one car to the next, and with the continuing rise of gas prices buying a more economical car makes even more sense than ever before, after all it’s your cash that you are putting into the gas tank.

Did you know that around 15% of people looking to buy a new car will reject a model due to poor gas mileage alone? And nearly 40% of people who eliminate a full size SUV due to poor fuel efficiency will ultimately buy a mid-size SUV instead, while nearly 20% will buy another model altogether.

With more and more people buying and driving cars than ever before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has put together a useful guide to help prospective buyers to choose the best gas mileage cars available on the market, and these guides should be shown on the cars for sale on the garage forecourt. The EPA gas mileage guide will tell you the expected fuel consumption for both city as well as highway driving.

Listed below are 5 of the most popular of the best gas mileage cars available at the moment.

Number 5 of the top small to mid-size best gas mileage cars is the Toyota Scion XA.
This comes with a 1.5 liter, 4 cylinder engine, with a 4 speed automatic transmission. Driving in the city you can expect to get around 32 MPG and this goes up to nearly 40MPG for the highway.

Number 4 Is the Toyota Echo with its 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine and 5 speed manual transmission the MPG for the city is 35 while on the highway this goes up to 43MPG.

Number 3 The Honda Civic even with its slightly larger 1.7 liter engine and 5 speed manual transmission will still give you 36MPG in the city and 44MPG when out on the highway. The Honda Civic is also available in a Hybrid version with even greater fuel economy.

Number 2 The Toyota Prius comes with a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine and a variable automatic transmission. This car will give you a whopping 60MPG around the city but oddly is not quite so good on the highway giving 51MPG.

The Number 1 best gas mileage car is as you would imagine a smaller car. With its 1 liter 3 cylinder engine and a 5 speed manual transmission the Honda Insight does however give you great fuel economy. You can expect to get60MPG in the city and a fantastic 66MPG for highway driving.

So if you are thinking of buying a new or newer car, and you are on the lookout for the best gas mileage cars around then you might want to consider one of the five above. If however your budget doesn’t stretch to an up-grade or if you are happy with the car you have and are just looking for ways to increase gas mileage, then check out our website to see how you could turn your existing car into one of the best gas mileage cars around. With just a few simple alterations you could improve your gas mileage by up to 50%

Replacement hybrid batteries what are some of your options for repair

Replacement Hybrid Batteries, What Are Some Of Your Options For Repair?

Replacement Hybrid Batteries can cost around $4,000 if you use a Toyota dealership to help you solve this problem. However there are different solutions that you may have not thought about if you have a Prius with a dead battery pack. What are some of the solutions for replacement hybrid batteries?
What are the three most common solutions, or options that Prius owners have when they are looking to fix this problem? What are the costs of replacment hybrid batteries?
Option #1:
The Prius owner can go to Toyota and ask for an estimate from them for how much it costs for replacement Prius batteries, which will in all likely hood come out to be around $4,000, sound familiar?  This is an expense that is just simply something most Prius owners are not expecting.  
Option #2:
Another way to cut down on the Toyota Prius battery cost is to purchase an already rebuilt battery from a supplier that you can find on the Internet. This may cost you around $2,500 or so when everything is said and done. However, you will still need to find someone to replace the battery for out once you receive it from the supplier.
Option #3:  The cheapest replacement hybrid batteries, and or simply solving the problem.
Perhaps the best way to cut down on the Toyota Prius battery cost is to rebuild the battery yourself or give a local shop the proper information to rebuild the battery for you if you not a handy person. There is a guide online right now that will help Prius owners rebuild there batteries with newer cells, this option can cost as little as $500 when everything is said and done. Click Toyota Prius battery cost here to locate this information.
Replacement hybrid batteries can be found in many places, but not that easily for those of you with a 2001-2003 Prius battery that needs to be replaced. Due to the remodled batteries called Generation II (or Gen II) you can not find many 2001-2003 Gen. 1 batteries around, they are simply just running out of them!  However, this guide will show you how to take the Gen.II replacement Prius battery cells and put them into the Gen 1. It will save you a huge amount, and you will get back on the road with some money left in your pocket!

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