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Automotive seo tips part six landing pages

Automotive SEO tips part six – Landing pages

Welcome back to the sixth article of our automotive SEO series, in this article we will explore the topic of landing page creations. Landing page in general describes the technique of creating a particular page that is optimized to a particular keyword that will receive good Google ranking. Some web sites create many landing pages trying to capture a bigger slice of the market. For example if you are selling used cars, you may want to create a landing page that is well optimized for “used Honda” and create another landing page targeted to “used Toyota”. Now if you can imagine all the brand names under the sun and create these pages on your web site, you may capture the desired traffic.

Some SEO experts even take the concept of landing page to another level, with proper tags and keywords some landing pages are outranking even their parent web sites. A landing page has all the potential to out rank a competitor’s web site due to several reasons. For one they are easy to produce and easy to rank to a particular keyword. So remember the next time you are trying to capture the right market audience don’t overlook your landing pages. Treat your landing page just like an independent web site and rank that particular page accordingly, and you will be surprised how it can help you web site overall.

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In toyota venza one can experience the power of both camry and highlander

In Toyota Venza, one can experience the power of both Camry and Highlander

The Toyota Venza is essentially a crossover vehicle. The reason is that the Toyota Venza appears like a cross between a car and an SUV. Verna, a variant of Toyota is designed to provide flexibility in mind and the performance of both Camry and Highlander is packed into this variant.
The Toyota Venza is longer and narrower and is an alternative to the usual full-bodied cars. And under its hood is a two point seven liter 4-cylinder engine that is able to generate up to 182 horse power at 5,800 rpm with 182 lbs of torque at 4,200 rpm. LCD odometer with twin trip meters and the optitron meters with speedometer, tachometer, engine coolant temperature and fuel gauge meters are just few more examples of the features included with the Toyota Venza. Before the fuel becomes empty things noted in the CFC-free dual zone automatic climate control system and its other features are time , outside temperature and other information like settings of air condition, average speed, average and current fuel economy.
For entertainment purposes, the Toyota Venza provides one with an AM/FM 6-disc in-dash CD changer with integrated satellite radio capability, MP3/WMA playback capability and six speakers. The salient features that Toyota Venza boast are its rear window glasses for total privacy, steering column adjustable for rack and reach; this column has an gradient sensor starting feature and music buttons made of urethane. This also has a top mounted XM satellite radio antenna.
An enhanced vehicle stability control with traction control, brake assist, and an anti-lock brake system that includes an electronic brake-force distribution is given to the Toyota Venza to add to the safety features of the car. Also included for these safety purposes are driver and front passenger advanced airbag system, front and rear energy-absorbing crumple zones and 3-point seatbelts in all seating positions.

Marketing strategies of scion to showcase aggressive scion parts for generation y

Marketing Strategies of Scion to Showcase Aggressive Scion Parts for Generation Y

“Join the Evolution” – a basis of Scion’s distinctive mark. Such mark represents Scion’s long term goal to extend great appeal to the Generation Y or younger buyer consumers. A product of extensive marketing research, Scion is a good example of how the economic scale of its parent company?the Toyota Motor Corporation, had undergone consolidation of product development. Scion’s marketing plan is first, to use pure pricing scheme where it allows customer to pay for the exact price being advertised. Second, to focus on internet advertisements since primarily, it caters younger consumers where the use of internet is stable. And lastly, to have huge selection of trim packages and aftermarket Scion parts for all its models.

The trim levels offered by Scion are the Camry grade, LE, SE, and XLE where each has different set of consumer type. Camry for example, caters for the type of consumer who is budget conscious. This is in contrast with the XLE which is for those who always look for luxury. Scion designed each entry trim level with monospec standard. However, this standard also encourages easy modification or customization. This explains the wide availability of performance upgrade Scion parts in the auto market. There are also limited edition entries aside from the main entry levels. This limited edition models are pre-packaged with exclusive designs however they are produced in limited numbers. The intention of Scion with manufacturing limited editions is to create uproar in its product line. Taking advantage to the economic reality where if there is a limited supply, the demand will also get higher, Scion’s limited editions quickly sell out.

From the marketing standpoint, advertisement for Scion doesn’t end in internet and commercial ads. Scion has adapted new kind of marketing strategy using guerilla marketing. This type of marketing is like hitting two birds with one stone for Scion. Come with low budget, guerilla marketing is the use of poster and ads in movie theaters and televisions showcasing the loud and aggressive styles and performance of each Scion parts. With the extreme styles and designs of Scion models and with its type of marketing, it had extended significant mark-up in terms of its popularity and of course, sales.

There are many websites that can be accessed to know more about the Scion brand. These sites are especially made for Scion, featuring what’s the latest trend and hottest news about it. In these sites, OEM Scion parts and accessories are also being introduced.

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