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Celica tail lights sporty style at night

Celica Tail Lights – Sporty Style At Night

The seventies are famous for their style. After the thoughtful sixties during which several movements got started the seventies were quieter and the focus was on style. So people wore their hair long and the bottom of their pants were flared. And the cars of the time are some of the style icons of the car industry. And even when people consider a retro style for products today, the seventies look is quite popular.

The Toyota Celica was one such car. It was a groovy car that become a hit in the swinging seventies but it was also a car that managed to survive by adapting itself over the years and was available till a few years ago. That is a very long time for a car to maintain itself as a style icon.

Today too the Toyota Celica is respected as a stylish coupe and if you own one you can give it a more contemporary look with the help of the latest Toyota Celica tail lights. The car aftermarket industry continues to offer accessories for car models that are no longer in production. This enables these cars to have the latest components which deliver high performance. And though the technology for the stock car may become dated as the years go by, the accessories for these cars continue to enjoy the benefit of the latest technologies and the latest style trends.

With the help of the latest Celica tail lights you will be able to enhance the looks of your car and it will look dazzling at night. You can choose Euro tail lights or the long lasting LED tail lights. Since the tail lights are not merely a decorative item the bright new tail lights will make your driving at night or when the visibility is poor, safer.

You can choose Celica tail lights conveniently by going online. You can see the images of the products on offer and compare prices offered by different vendors. You will be amazed at the wide range that is available. Tail lights are easy to install and soon after you receive them you can be driving your Celica with the bright new tail lights. You can see the latest Toyota Celica tail lights at www.ilovebodykits.com.

Toyota corolla altis v l car wheels rolling with speed

Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8V L Car wheels rolling with speed

Set the wheels rolling with speed. Experience the luxury of driving Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8V L; it is extremely smooth to drive.
Key Features Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8V L runs smoothly over the bumps and is perfect for any terrain – rough roads as well as crowded cities. Its electronic power steering gives you good control, adding to the fuel economy as the steering takes up power only when steering force is required. The operation of this car is more environment friendly due to the absence of hydraulic fluid.
You will find Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8V L giving an average mileage of 8.5 kmpl. With 1ZZ-FE, 4-cylinder inline, DOHC, Gasoline engine roaring inside, you get an amazing power delivery of 132PS at 6000 rpm and an excellent torque of 170 Nm at 4200 rpm. These features undoubtedly lead to refined performance and smooth speedy drive. Cruise Control, a tremendously useful feature, is available on this car. Tests confirm that long journeys do become less tiring with Cruise Control. Safety is not at all an issue with Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8V L as it holds SRS air bags for driver and passenger, front fog lamps, auto headlamp leveling system, jam protection on driver side, whiplash injury lessening seats, auto anti-glare inner rear view mirror and most importantly ABS with EBD.
Design Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8V L is a 4-door sedan and resembles Camry in its looks. It is categorized in the D segment of luxury cars. The body-colored bumpers grant a touch of sophistication to the design. Plus, its sturdy make is revealed through the 15-inch 7-spoke alloy wheels. The exterior is amazingly smart as it has electrically adjustable and retractable outside rear view mirror with turn signal. The interior of Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8V L is well-equipped with audio controls, 6 speakers, leather seat material, wireless audio remote and many other comfort features.
Cons A car carefully engineered for sheer comfort and safety while one drives, Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8V L does not have any serious drawbacks. It would have added to the efficiency, if the mileage had been a bit higher.
Conclusion Displaying fuel economy, safety and comfort, Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8V L is a perfect luxury car manufactured by Toyota.

Corolla headlights enjoy the benefits of technology

Corolla headlights – enjoy the benefits of technology

The fact that Toyota Corolla debuted in 1968 and is still favored in the market conveys a lot about it. To retain the trust of customers over such a long period is a feat rarely matched. Today the car is in its tenth generation which has been introduced in 2009. What initially attracted the customers was that it was affordable, reliable, and fuel efficient. It required minimal day to day maintenance even after long hauls. That made it a favorite of all age groups from youth to old retired persons. To begin with it was offered in four body styles viz. sedan, coupe, hatchback, and coupe but now it is available only as sedan. The car gives a safe and smooth ride and has all that a normal customer would want.
They say you have to look before you leap, but when you drive you have to look all the time. In day when there is bright sunshine you can look and see but at night or when visibility is poor you have to take the help of artificial lights. Headlights of cars are of immense use at such times. They are actually an assembly of different parts like source of light, reflectors, lenses, and housing. These days we have bright sources of light like LED lights, Halogen lights, and Xenon lights which add to the useful ness of headlights. Reflectors and lenses enable the beam of light to be manipulated and cast in the right areas. They provide safety on the road to all who are on the road. As they are so visible headlights which are primarily a safety feature are also now used as a decorative feature. Corolla headlights are available in a number of attractive designs. Their housings are designed in a beautiful way to attract attention. They attract attention during day as well as at night.
The latest Corolla headlights use a powerful light source and show you the way in great detail when it is dark. The onlookers will appreciate their design and admire you and your car by association. You can see the latest Corolla headlights at www.ilovebodykits.com


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