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Honda type r not for the fainthearted

Honda Type R: not for the Faint-hearted

It can be remembered that Honda has announced at the beginning of last year that they would be updating their best-selling hot hatch and since then the speed boys have been waiting in anticipation.

And after a seemingly endless run of concepts the wait is finally over, the Type R is finally here and its what the speed boys have hoped it will be—a full-on, flame snorting, Red Bull slurping motor that possess the ground clearance of a Hoover and handling that feels like an adult-sized Scalextric car.

The Type R arrived with all it glinting alloys, flouncing side skirts and a high-revving 235kph 2-liter i-VTEC engine. This car is not for the faint-hearted but for those who prefer to explore their less cautious side. The Type R is considered to be a humdrum Honda Civic which according to observers is quite a turnaround for Honda.

And speaking of Honda Civic, it has been in continuous production for 35 years which is the second longest coming from a Japanese automaker with Toyota Corolla in first place being manufactured four year longer than the Civic.

In the past Honda Civic has gained a reputation as a quietly chivalrous and reliable mode of transport and such reputation is being carried until today by presently manufactured Honda Civics.

There are already a total of eight Civic makeovers and if in the past there was only sense, the new Civics today exudes sensation. The new Type R for instance features a kind of extreme styling that would make angina patients to reach for their pills.

Honda’s Type R has swollen with plastic bulges with weird angular shapes which gives the impression of a car-sized espresso machine designed by someone with deep dislike to curves. Everything on the Type R from its triangular exhaust pipes and isosceles lamps, to the honeycomb grille, and arrow-point door handles that are sharp and pointy screams uniqueness.

The arrival of the high-performance Type R variant, Honda has given its customers with a kind of car with the looks that reflects its performance.

Inside the Type R is all about driving experience. The seats are black racing-style buckets with red stitching. The red stitching extends to the steering wheel and gear stick. The sexy design of the Type R’s interior is courtesy of Betty Page. The dashboard is built on two tiers and flashes at you madly at both banks as a matter of fact even the center of the steering wheel is an information point and makes you feel that as if you are driving an episode of 24 rather than a hatchback.

The Type R’s extraordinary direct steering, stiff ride and limitless power gives it a handling like a macho fairground ride which will somehow makes you a little scared and a bit dizzy.

Honda the producer of high quality Integra body kit has announced last week that the only country aside from those in Europe that will be able to experience the Type R is Australia.

Honda is moving into aviation

Honda is Moving Into Aviation

Honda Motor Corporation the producer of top-of-the line Honda wipe blade is moving into aviation and would be investing a total of $27 million in a North Carolina plant that would build engines for small business jets.

The construction of the factory and headquarters of Honda Aero Inc. will soon start in Burlington, North Carolina according to Fumitaka Hasegawa, Chief Executive Officer of the unit at a press briefing yesterday. The new factory will create 70 new jobs said Mike Easley, the state’s governor.

Honda will be setting aside $127 million for its aviation facilities including the $40 million needed for the construction of the North Carolina plant that would build the eight-person Honda Jet. The world’s biggest engine manufacturer said that there are already more than 100 orders for their $3.65 million aircraft which will use the company’s engines and at the same time compete with models from the likes of Textron Inc.’s Cessna, the largest maker of business jets.

According to Richard Aboulafia, an analyst at Teal Group in Alexandria, Virginia, who has consulted with Honda on the aircraft market, “It’s going to be a slow uphill battle. They are going to get a receptive market, but will have to pay to enter it. They’ll probably have to spend as much in marketing costs as they are for facilities.”

Tokyo-based Honda has announced that the Burlington factory will start building the HF120 turbofan engines in 2010 with initial production of about 200 units. The engines are to be sold via a venture formed with General Electric Co. the world’s largest maker of aircraft engines.

Fuel Efficiency

In terms of fuel efficiency the new engines will be 50 percent more fuel-efficient than other competing turbofan models, Honda said.

Mark Wagner, program manager for the GE Honda Aero Engine venture said that the engine will also be “the lowest cost to own and operate.” He also added that there is also the possibility that the price will be less than $500,000 each.

Honda will perform the final assembly in Burlington, while General Electric will take care of the repair and service under their joint venture. The partnership has already sold more than 200 engines according to GE spokesman Rick Kennedy.

The Honda Aero has been previously based in Reston, Virginia and would be moving 15 people from that location.

Honda Motor is currently Japan’s second biggest automaker next to Toyota Motor Corp. But in terms of motorcycle, Honda is world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. Its US automotive headquarters is located in Torrance, California.

Amazing engines with great features

Amazing engines with great features

One of the main manufacturers of the automobiles is Honda. The kind of goods it offers is just unique. They are quite popular for smooth functionality and high performance. The newest Honda engines come with fantastic technology and feature. Since past few years they are competing very well with other automobiles manufacturers. Though there are many manufacturers of automobiles but the Honda is the only one who took the idea of introducing hi-tech features seriously.
Because of its great technology and unbeatable feature it has made it possible to conquer the larger section of automobile industry. Over the past few years hi-tech engines have been transformed drastically. Large number of buyers gets enthralled when they dream about having a new car. Buying new engine is definitely a very expensive deal. So the best way to have hi-tech Japanese engines is to buy Honda engines. The best location to buy such engines is Japan. The benefit of buying Japanese engines is when you can have best quality engine at an affordable price.
Japanese engines attract large number of car lovers. They just can’t resist when think of buying these fine technology engines. You can’t compare these engines on the scale of functionality and performance.
Japan engines actually provide amazing quality products at an affordable cost. Consumers love Japanese engines as it offer great technology and fine quality. The main reasons why these engines are so popular all over the world are:
1. industrial accessories
2. low mileage
3. used Japanese transmission
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