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Toyotas truck variant tacoma is the best seller in the market

Toyota’s Truck variant Tacoma is the best seller in the market

Toyota Tacoma, for many years now is one of the best selling trucks. In order to meet the most off-road driving requirements, the Toyota Tacoma is designed similar to the Toyota Tundra. Toyota Tacoma is a medium capacity off road vehicle. This truck offers excellent handling, capable on mud tracks, very good ride and the quality is amazing. You can choose from among a trio of styles as well as your choice of 2 or 4 wheel drive. Two engines are available for the Toyota Tacoma, the 4 liter V6 engine or the two point seven liter 4 cylinder.
Toyota variants is designed for star safety system which includes vehicle stability and traction control system. Extra safety aspects inclusive of a front double side airbags with latest automated airbags, seat belts for both with already adjusted for tension, head rests activated to our needs, a 3 point seat belts for all passengers, Child safety locks with bottom holders and crash proof beams all around the doors.
From the outside, one can see some of the Toyota Tacoma features such as the reinforced fiber sheet molded composite inside bed that has outer steel panels, deck rail system that has four changeable tie down cleats, rear mudguards, two preset cargo tie down points, and a 15 inches steel wheels that has either a P215 or 70R15 tires.
Concurrently looking from the inside, one can see a power tilt steering wheel, a telescopic AM/ FM CD player that has a playback and satellite radio capability coupled with MP3/WMA, and two auxiliary power outlets that are twelve volts. LED illuminated guages with warning light, trip meter is made available for Toyota Tacoma Truck owners for more safer riding.

Salt lake city toyota prius news next gen may include plug in

Salt Lake City Toyota Prius News: Next-gen may include plug-in

The plug-ins are coming! The plug-ins are coming! It seems to be a close race to see which major car maker will have a plug-in vehicle ready for the general market first. Toyota is definitely in the race with the plug-in Prius, also know as the PHEV.
Salt Lake City Toyota Prius buyers will be happy to know that the plug-in is one step closer to being in the showroom. Toyota announced several months ago that they would test market about 150 plug-in Prius models in the United States.
Now Toyota has announced some of the groups who will be driving the plug-ins and providing feedback as well as mileage and charging information for the cars. Among the groups named so far are Southern California Air Quality Management District, Qualcomm, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Portland State University, University of Colorado and University of California, Berkeley. Buyers of Salt Lake City new cars will want to consider the Prius plug-in as an option for their next purchase. The2012 model is rumored to be on the board for sale next year, but Toyota has not confirmed this.
The plug-in Prius has a unique battery system with three separate compartments. The lithium-ion battery depletes one compartment at a time and then the engine automatically switches to the next compartment. Once all three are drained the car battery must be fully charged again.
We haven’t been told how long this lithium-ion battery will have to charge to be fully loaded again. We also don’t have the mileage figures on how far this Prius can go on one charge of the battery. One competitor claims to have a vehicle that will run 100 miles on a single charge.
The fact that Toyota has undertaken this pilot program stateside show that they are serious about having the plug-in Prius ready for the market and having all the kinks worked out in advance. Data collected from these vehicles and their drivers will not only be used by Toyota to refine the PHEV but will be posted online for potential buyers to study and make an informed decision. Salt Lake City Toyota Prius showrooms will be ready and waiting for the plug-in model to arrive.
While we all play the waiting game, it will be nice to have somewhere to follow current information about the plug-in Prius’ performance and find out just how many miles it can go on a single charge. Dealers of Salt Lake City new cars will be following this site closely and gleaning all the feedback they can get in order to have the answers their customers need and compile the performance facts on the Prius plug-in.

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