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Toyota corolla navigation inch digital touchscreenbuilt in bluetoothdual zoneradiordsusbsd

Toyota Corolla 09-10 Navigation/7 Inch Digital Touchscreen/built In Bluetooth/dual Zone/radio/rds/usb/sd

Model:  [CCG66-TT02]
Weight:  [5.6Kg]
Main features:
1. Made by a long-term cooperative manufacturer, guaranteed high quality
2. Navigation operating system: Win CE 6.0
3. 7 inch TFT sharp high-definition digital LCD screen, 800*480 resolutions.
4. Supports iPod full function control (Tested on ipod touch 8GB 2rd. generation)
5. Perfectly match your car: TOYOTA  Corolla 2009 2010
6. Button LED light color: Blue| Green| Red | None
7. 6 virtual discs changer
8. Steering wheel control, USB port, Two MicroSD card slots
9. Dual zone: Enjoy music while navigation
10. Built-in bluetooth. You can make hands-free calls or listen to music through bluetooth
11. Built-in DVB-T digital TV function is optional (You have to pay extra 58USD)
12. Supports RDS
13. Auto rearview function, you can add a rearview camera.
14 .Upper width:250CM Bottom width:230CM Height: 136
Lastest GPS console. You can set up the path of GPS map by yourselves, view the GPS monitor, watch video, listen to music, and read e-book.
Support all maps that work on windows CE 5.0 O/S, we have tested Route 66, iGo8, Polnav, etc. We recommend you always try demo before buying.
Adapting 16:9 HD digital LCD display
completely supports DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 and other A/V multimedia formats
Complete control over your DVD discs.
Floating control buttions when touching the screen
Enter the SD/USB interface, you can see each file of U-disk/SD card .
When touching, the floating buttons will appear, the operation is similar with car DVD player. Double tap to play the music/video or view pictures. Note: SD card view only function to units with two SD card slots.
Enable pair, then you can turn on Bluetooth of your cellphone to search the unit. Enter 0000, your cellphone and the unit will be paired.
The unit supports A2DP, you can play songs in your cellphone through bluetooth, which can be heard over the speakers of your car.  
After paired, you can use the keyboard to make calls, as well as answering calls. This is very convenient and safe when you are driving.             
In the Bluetooth mode, you can also turn on PIP function.
Dual-zone within the unit. You can listen to the radio, music from SD card or U-disc while navigating.
Dual-zone with the headrest monitors or flip-down monitors. When turning on 2-zone, passenagers on the back seats can enjoy DVD movies while you are navigationg.
Technically, it supports all generations of iPod. Due to limitation of conditions, we can only test that it supports iPod touch 2rd. 8GB. Some generations may not fully supported, such as lyrics or titles and so on.
When connecting ipod using the special harness we provide, all the playlists in the iPod will be downloaded. You can control the music by the touchscreen. Play, pause, next,previous, F-F, F-B, volumn.
FM1/FM2/FM3/AM high sensitive digital tuner
Support FM/AM scaning, storage(32 stations at the most)
Frequency display, audio adjustment
Auto search and store
Dial the frequency of your favorite radio stations
Supports RDS function
You can turn on PIP when listening to the radio.
Want to be dynamic, you can turn on spectrum when listening to the music on the radio.
For more infomation, you could Visit: car gps navigation

Toyota corolla recalls toyota corolla recall amp warranty information

Toyota Corolla Recalls – Toyota Corolla Recall & Warranty Information

Toyota Corolla recalls have many drivers concerned. The fact remains that the Toyota Corolla is an excellent vehicle, but every automobile has its problems at one time or another. Whether your Toyota Corolla is from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010, you should learn about Toyota Corolla recalls. Toyota Corolla Recalls – Toyota Corolla Recall & Warranty Information

The best way to save money on car repairs is to consider buying an extended warranty. This will protect you in case something happens to your Toyota Corolla which is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or a recall.

** Click Here to Get A Free Quote on an Extended Warranty for Your Toyota Corolla **

Some people don’t see the value of an extended warranty for your Toyota. The problem is that even the highest quality vehicles have issues which will need to be repaired and not all of these repairs are covered by recalls or Toyota’s regular warranty. You could be stuck paying thousands of dollars for repairs just to keep your Toyota Corolla on the road. Don’t risk paying a huge repair bill – consider getting an extended warranty instead:

Toyota Corolla Extended Warranty – Get A Free Quote in Less Than 5 Minutes!

New recalls for Toyota vehicles are released every few months. An extended warranty gives you peace of mind and can save you thousands of dollars if just one thing goes wrong with your Corolla. You made an intelligent decision to buy or lease your Toyota Corolla – now make another smart decision and see if a Toyota Corolla Extended Warranty is right for you.

Prius battery cost can you afford the prius battery cost

Prius Battery Cost – Can You Afford The Prius Battery Cost?

To be to the point, the Prius battery cost will set up back about $4000. Yeah. I know. I was shocked, too, when I was told by my Toyota specialist. I couldn’t afford to spend that much money what with a new baby coming. But I was fortunate. I found a solution.

Here are three of the most accepted solution-options for Prius owners in the event that the Prius battery life has ended, and they find themselves with a dead Prius battery at hand.
Solution #1:
A Prius owner can easily head out to Toyota and ask for an estimate. The answer is in all likely hood will be closer to $4,000, sound familiar? This is definitely something many Prius owners do not want to hear.
Solution #2:
Another way to save on the Toyota Prius battery price is to invest in a reconstructed battery from a local provider, or a provider you found over the Internet. This could cost you around $2,400 or so when everything is said and done. Nonetheless, you may still have pay somebody to replace the electric battery when you get it from the provider.
Solution #3: Currently, the cheapest Prius battery cost, and just what several owners have been working at.
Perhaps the ideal way to reduce down on the Toyota Prius battery cost will be to reconstruct the electric battery by yourself or give a localized shop the proper important information to rebuilding the electric battery for you if you not a handy person. Now there is a guide on the internet right now that will certainly assist Prius owners reconstruct these electric batteries with new cells, this particular choice can easily set you back as little as $500 any time all is said and accomplished. Click here to learn more about Prius battery cost
and to download the guide.

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