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How jbl amplifiers have managed to stay at the top car audio market

How Jbl Amplifiers Have Managed to Stay at the Top Car Audio Market

Jbl is the name credited to the most powerful car audio amplifier in the world. The company has sailed high in engineering and outdone itself. Together with its sister company Crown, Jbl was able to bring the dream of the amplifier into reality. They have managed to bring new and dynamic products into the market since the company was founded in 1946 by James B. Lancing. The founder had just left another similar company where he was the vice president of engineering in 1945. The original name for the company had been Lansing Sound Incorporated but changed after a short while to James B. Lancing or Jbl. James lancing had some trouble managing the finances of his business and this led to him being labeled as a great engineer and a poor businessman.
The company had started producing loudspeakers but over the years became a producer of more products for mass market and as they say troubles are not for always, Jbl became one of the most profitable companies in the business. They produce audio equipment, loudspeakers, sound amplifiers and other high end audio products. One example of one of their powerful amplifier is the Jbl BPX500.1 which is a two channel subwoofer amplifier. For great control, it comes with a full bass remote. It is designed to appeal to everyone who sees it and it comes with two neon tubes from street glow. It is also designed to maximize the overall performance of your amplifier.
It has a unique and amazing feature which is in fact has been protected by a patent. This is the ability to run stereo, series bridged mono and parallel bridge mono. Installing it and most of the Jbl amplifiers is not complicated. You can get all the information on their sites and you can easily read the markings on the amplifiers. They have ready manuals which will guide you into making all the amplifier decisions you need to make. Jbl amplifiers are many and they come in great quality that will serve you right. There are also very many outlets which have been authorized to distribute this products and as you search for car audio amplifiers you are sure to find the products in stock for you to purchase.
There are very many other models of the amplifiers which are very affordable and will not disappoint you from Jbl. If however you are looking for power great design and control then, you are looking for the JBL BPX500.1 amplifier. There is no doubt that Jbl amplifiers will amaze you because they have created a good name for themselves. Even Toyota International uses Jbl systems in their product line up. Make sure you follow the installation instructions correctly for you to achieve the desired results. Go for discounts and offers on the product and make sure you get the right deal. When you incorporate the amplifiers to your system, you are going to have a new feeling with great entertainment and better reception of your music. Your car can never be the same again.

Toyota prius hybrid extended review

Toyota Prius Hybrid Extended Review

Handling and Performance
Now it’s time to take a look at what makes the Prius tick. With a 1.5-liter engine, the Prius uses both the engine and battery pack under the very seats of the car to create an eco-friendly, fuel-efficient vehicle. Before you start getting too excited about the Prius’s features, though, understand that this car is not a vehicle built for speed. While it is luxurious and convenient, this isn’t the kind of car you want to take out on your weekly street race.
The Prius is able to hit its top speed at around 106 mph, and in accelerating, the vehicle takes 10.9 seconds to hit 62 mph. The vehicle will keep up on the highway, but this is not a precision instrument. The handling prowess isn’t bad, yet if combined with a need for speed, you may want to reconsider. The tires are also fairly skinny, but the tread on them attempts to keep an overall strong grip while saving on fuel. The car clings to the road very well, but there is nothing of specific notability about the handling or speed in the car.
The quality of the actual ride, however, is wonderful. While at lower speeds, the vehicle runs smoothly, while quickly, utilizing the electric motors to generate enough power. Then, stead ling accelerating, the gas-powered engine begins to give more clout to the vehicle while still charging the batteries. Another positive feature of the hybrid engine is the silent driving feature, although, it’s still important to be extremely alert and cautious on the road, as the silent driving may lull you into a false sense of security.
Because of its main feature as a hybrid vehicle, the gas needed for this vehicle is greatly reduced, and the engine shuts itself off during traffic stops. To be fair, accessories such as air conditioning and your radio do get their power from the battery pack, so while the engine will move the car and recharge the battery, it is important to note exactly the kind of power consumption you are looking at.
Finally, the Prius is a very light vehicle. The hybrid has a gasoline tank made of resin, and instead of the heavy steel used in conventional vehicles, aluminium is used to maintain a lightweight vehicle.
Fuel-Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness
The Toyota Prius hybrid was developed specifically to be an eco-friendly vehicle, and with so much time to perfect the design, don’t be surprised that this particular vehicle can boast to be one of the best vehicles in low consumption of gasoline. The car is also able to claim that the production of other greenhouse gases is extremely low, and the emissions are near negligible.
As for the fuel consumption for the Prius, you can expect to get around 65 to 67 miles per gallon in urban areas. The EPA has stated that the car can get up to 45 miles per gallon on the highway. Why is this the case? The light weight of the vehicle, as well as the drag coefficient is able to make the car much faster and more efficient.
Initially, there was concern that the batteries of the Prius hybrid would be an environmental concern, which prompted Toyota to begin a program where in they recycle the old batteries. The fears of environmentalists allayed, dealerships are paid anywhere up to $200 in the event that they have consumers turn over used and old hybrid batteries.
The important thing to remember is that the main reason that the Prius is so popular is because of the impact it has as an eco-friendly and green car. This car has every reason to be popular for that reason, too, seeing as how by using this vehicle, the contribution to improving the environment is amazing.
Other Features
Now that you’ve had a chance to look at the different features of the Prius’s exterior and interior, it is important to note that there are even more new and different features that make the Prius unique. Not just for the efficiency of the vehicle, there are new technological features that are, quite frankly, pretty cool. Let’s take a look at some of them:
1. If you’re not going to be travelling on the highway, there is a new mode for the Prius that allows you to completely move to electric motors. The EV mode can allow 1.25 miles while at a speed of 30 mph. Using this mode, the car would produce zero emissions and would be nearly silent, which is a nice change when driving in a noisy city.
2. While not only removing that gross engine smell that some older conventional cars have when you use the air-conditioning system, the hybrid has an AC system that’s completely powered and run by the electric motors. There is an electric-inverter compressor that has been built into the system and allows the AC to run completely independent of the engine, on top of reducing the amount of gas you use.
3. It wasn’t just a cute catch-phrase to call the Prius a “Smart Car”. There actually is an electronic brain in the core of the vehicle that is used to coordinate all of the systems in the vehicle, which increases the reliability of the vehicle while you’re driving.
4. Once again, the car keeps getting smarter and smarter, as now the newer version of the hybrid uses a voice recognition system that can control your GPS, air conditioning and audio system. That way, when you’re trying to change your
CDs from The Strokes to the Rolling Stones, you won’t have to look away from the road and shuffle around to do that.
5. There’s always a concern about safety with hybrids, seeing as how they are smaller and lighter, but be assured that from the EuroNCAP crash test program, the Prius snagged a five-star rating, which is the maximum. The airbags are located on the driver, passenger, front side and curtain of the car, and the stability control in the vehicle keeps the balance steady.
6. I’m sure you’re curious about the price of the Prius as well, and there’s no worry there. The Toyota Prius is sold at around $21,000 to $27,000, which is around the same price range internationally for hybrids, if not cheaper. It is also one of the most affordable hybrids on the US market.
The Toyota Prius Hybrid has the unique position of having been one of the precursors to the rest of the hybrids that we see on the market today. Not only is it the first and foremost hybrid, the most well-known, Toyota has continued to promise that the future models of the Prius will continue to be even more sophisticated, efficient, functional and enjoyable.

Totoya prius battery problem

Totoya Prius Battery Problem

There is a big problem with all Toyota Prius batteries. There is however a very easy guide that you can follow to fix this problem.

The hybrid batteries have a short life span of only 8 years or 150,000 miles on average. So, if your car hasn’t had a bad battery yet you can be expecting it soon as the 8 year mark is coming up on all Totoya Hybrid Prius’s.

Now, I’m sure you already know this but if you plan on buying a new battery plan on shelling out a lot of cash, they are expensive. The average new hybrid battery costs $4,000.

There is a simple guide that you can follow that will allow you to repair your own battery for around 300-400 dollars. I did this and my battery has been problem free ever since.

You don’t need to be a car expert to do this, and you don’t need the latest car tools. You only need 5 tools throughout the whole process. These are normal everyday tools (wrench, screwdriver, etc.) that you can find in almost any garage or shack. I personally don’t know anything about cars! I changed my first car tire just a few months ago, dead serious! It’s actually kinda sad.

The total process took me about 3 hours to complete from start to finish. It saved me 3,600 dollars as well.

Thanks for looking I hope you enjoyed this article. The guide really is extremely simple to follow they show you step by step instructions. “Its so easy a cave man could do it.” I hate those commercials!

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