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Process that can convert your car to run on water

Process That Can Convert Your Car to Run on Water

Is it true that there are cars that run on water? In 2006 there was an article in Mobile Magazine that stated that a prototype of a car that could run on water had been built. Supposedly this car drove for one hundred miles using only four ounces of water as its fuel. There is such a thing as a water fuel cell. The water fuel cell is a device that is designed to break water down into its two components, oxygen and hydrogen. This involves the process called electrolysis. This process produces hydrogen from water that is used as a fuel for the cars.

The process to convert a car to run on water is actually a lot simpler than it sounds. The basic idea is to turn the liquid water into its gas stage. This is something that we all learned in elementary school. There are three stages: gas, liquid, and solid. When water is brought to a high enough temperature, it turns into a gas. In this case it actually turns into two gases: hydrogen and oxygen. This is the same effect you see in your kitchen if you boil a pot of water for too long.

To convert a car to run on water, we need to find a way to harness the power of that gas. Steam power has long been shown to have enough power to harness a large locomotive or train, and it certainly has enough power to move a much smaller vehicle such as your Toyota. The problem is harnessing that steam. Kits designed to convert a car to run on water have solved this problem by using various gauges and other implements. The kit hooks directly onto the engine, and heats up the water by attaching itself to the battery and electrical system. The steam that is released from the water is then used to power the car, effectively creating a way to convert your car to run on water. The easiest way to convert you car to run on water is to use one of these converter kits. The system can easily be installed in a few hours, and you will be on your way to saving money at the gas station.

The benefits that compel us to convert our cars to water are:

1. Save Money

2. Reduce pollution

3. Have a cleaner engine

We can save up to 1.4$ a gallon if we convert our car to run on water. The conversion system improves the mileage by at least 40%. It needs an addition of a few parts to the car. The parts are manufactured in a simple process and require no mechanical experience. The system is 100% safe because it includes the usage of the most common product-water.

The toyota prius battery replacement cost brand new battery is expensive!

Let me tell you about the Toyota Prius battery replacement cost. When my Prius battery went dead, I went straight to the Toyota people. After they are done with checking the battery, they told me it would cost close to $4000 for a replacement. Yep. That’s how much you would have to pay for a brand new Prius battery!

Here are three of the most accepted solution-options for Prius owners in the event that the Prius battery life has ended, and they find themselves with a dead Prius battery at hand.
Solution #1:
A Prius owner can easily head out to Toyota and ask for an estimate. The answer is in all likely hood will be closer to $4,000, sound familiar? This is definitely something many Prius owners do not want to hear.
Solution #2:
Another way to save on the Toyota Prius battery price is to invest in a reconstructed battery from a local provider, or a provider you found over the Internet. This could cost you around $2,400 or so when everything is said and done. Nonetheless, you may still have pay somebody to replace the electric battery when you get it from the provider.
Solution #3: Currently, the cheapest Toyota Prius battery replacement cost, and just what several owners have been working at.
Perhaps the ideal way to reduce down on the Toyota Prius battery cost will be to reconstruct the electric battery by yourself or give a localized shop the proper important information to rebuilding the electric battery for you if you not a handy person. Now there is a guide on the internet right now that will certainly assist Prius owners reconstruct these electric batteries with new cells, this particular choice can easily set you back as little as $500 any time all is said and accomplished. Click here to learn more about Toyota Prius battery replacement cost and to download the guide.

Factory service manual what you need to know

Factory Service Manual – What You Need to Know

A Factory Service Manual is a service repair manual published from Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM that tells you how to repair, diagnose, and  maintain your car or components inside of your car.
There are also aftermarket service manuals from other company such as Haynes, Bentley, and  Chilton.  The most obvious difference between Factory Service Manual than these aftermarket service manuals is the amount of material provided.  Factory Service Manual provides detailed and useful troubleshooting charts and a multitude of diagrams you will not find elsewhere.  Because these are published and designed by your car’s manufacturer, they tend to be more correct than the aftermarket service manuals and they also provide other complete information such as manufacturer-intended torque specification for almost every bolt on your car.
Another difference you will notice is that the quality of the illustrations.  The illustrations in the Factory Service Manual are drawn to the proper size for the page upon which they will rest, and as such they tend to have uniform line weights through out the manual.  Illustrations in the aftermarket manuals tend to be general enlarged or reduced and usually poor quality, especially in the case of detailed diagrams.  Aftermarket service manuals also usually try to cover range of years of your vehicle model, which means that if your car is a 1999 Toyota Corolla, the aftermarket manual will try to cover from 1996 to 1999 in the same book.  Even though 1996 to 1999 Corollas look much the same, there are still some significant differences on the inside.  On the other hand, Factory Service Manual is year specific, and you will get the manual for your year model.
All that being said, this doesn’t mean aftermarket service manual is not worth getting.  They can still provide you general information.  If you are going to do anything more than just casual maintenance on your vehicle, you should have the Factory Service Manual and not an aftermarket one.  It is easier to use, covers more detailed information, and they can come in two forms: book or CD depends on your manufacture. One thing I like about CD Factory Service Manual is that they have quick link which allows you to jump to the other referenced section in instant second.  In the book form, you would have to keep flipping pages.  It’s all based on your preference.

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