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Toyota aygo review

Toyota Aygo Review

With all the fuss about Toyota in the headlines recently, make sure that you look into the previous safety issues if you are investing your money in one.

The Aygo model however is a great city car, perfect for nipping around the town, and it looks cute too. The car doesn’t respond well to driving at high speeds, and as it is designed to be a city get around, the boot is barely big enough to store your mobile and wallet. This is never a good thing.

The inside of the car is modern and futuristic, glowing like a UFO and offering advanced stereo and control options. If you are taking visitors however, make sure that they are friends; it’s a bit of a squash in the back and there is little room for luggage.

If you are on a limited budget then the Toyota Aygo is a great model to choose as it is really economical and cheap to run. The car gives great mileage to the gallon, and you don’t need to pay much road tax due to the fact that it is really good for the environment. The basic model offers anti lock brakes and several airbags, and all cars come with iPod accessibility as standard, as well as a CD player. When you come to sell the car you should make most of your money back as it is designed to be durable and therefore wont depreciate with value too much.

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Is it really that necessary to install a car security system on your automobile

Is It Really That Necessary To Install A Car Security System On Your Automobile

Many people take minimal, if any approaches when it comes to car security. This is especially the case if they have a car that is cheap and old. However, even these cars can get stolen. In fact, the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord, (two cars that are not all that spectacular in comparison to sports cars), are the two types of vehicles that get stolen the most by car thieves. Why would they still such average cars? It’s because they can get money stripping them of their parts. They then sell these parts to various car manufacturers, who may not have any idea that the parts were obtained illegally. Then there are those who do know, as they are a part of the car theft crime ring.
So, with that being said, what can be done to increase one’s car security? Well, to understand what will work best for car security, first consider what won’t work. For example, the infamous car bars that are sold through infomercials mean nothing to a car thief. All they have to do to steal the car is cut away the bar then hotwire the ignition to get it to run. This makes the car bar form of car security a complete waste of money.
Another car security method that won’t work are car alarms. To understand why this type of car security method doesn’t do well, think about your own self when you hear such an alarm go off. Do you really think that a car is being broken into? If you’re like most people probably not, because the annoying sound associated with most car alarms happen so often that it lost its original power. And for the rare few that do associate an activated car alarm with theft, they get distracted by cat prints on car. What does this mean? Basically, the car thief throws a cat somewhere on the car. When the owner or someone else sees the footprints, they think it’s a cat doing it instead of a person. As they are returning to wherever they were, the car thief moves in and steals the vehicle.
What can be done to help increase car security, if the most common methods of car bars and car alarms don’t work? The best answer involves getting systems like LoJack, that provide special tracking technologies to locate where a car is if it is stolen. LoJack specifically works through a separate device that is hidden somewhere in the car. When the car is stolen a person can check online to see where it is. From there the police can come after the car. If a person doesn’t like the idea of their car security being determined by a device that could be found by the thief, they can consider technologies such as Onstar, where tracking is built within the car through a special GPS system.
Of course, if you do get LoJack or Onstar, there’s still a possibility that the car could be stripped so fast that once the police get there, it’s gone. However, if the thief didn’t suspect that he was being tracked, at least justice can be done in the situation as he would be hauled off to jail. From there, he won’t be a further threat either to the person from which he stole or towards the public in general.

Toyota rav dvd gps navigation hd screen bluetooth adp ipod notebook file browser game

TOYOTA RAV4 DVD GPS Navigation + 7&” HD screen + Bluetooth A2DP + ipod + Notebook + File browser + Game

TOYOTA RAV4 DVD GPS Navigation + 7″ HD screen + Bluetooth A2DP + ipod + Notebook + File browser + Game

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Compatible with TOYOTA RAV4

No Modification, No Need to Cut Wires, Just Plug & Play

Original Dashboard Panel
Original Harness and Plug
Original Steering Wheel Control
Original Information Display
Original Amplifier Compatibility

High-Speed Navigation, High-Speed USB 2.0(480Mbps), High Definition TouchScreen

Multi Languages Main Menu, Multi Languages Navigation Voice

Intelligent Voice Navigation, Intelligent File Management

Support Real 3D map
Support Mobile Hard Drive
Support iPhone 3G, iPod & iTouch
Support Video of RMVB/RM, AVI, MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264/WMV

Easy Operation(UI), Safe Driving(Auto-Dimmer), Eternal Joy.

GPS Navigation Yes,support IGO & Route66 GPS map

DVD Player Yes,region free

Radio AM Yes

FM Yes


Bluetooth HFP(Hands Free Phone)

Yes A2DP Yes

iPOD compatible Yes,for iPod Nano,Shuffle 3 etc.

TV   Anolog TV No

Digital TV Compatible with DVB-T,ATSC,ISDB-T Box


SD Yes,front

AV in Yes, Compatible with Backup Camera & Parking Radar

CDC compatible no

Dual zone Yes

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