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Toyota prius problems learn about toyota prius transmission problems

Toyota Prius Problems – Learn About Toyota Prius Transmission Problems

If you are having problems with your Toyota Prius, you need to read this article. The Prius is a terrific vehicle, but transmission problems have occurred with this vehicle in the past and are expensive to repair. Don’t be forced to pay thousands of dollars to repair your Toyota, read this article to discover Toyota Prius Problems – Learn About Toyota Prius Transmission Problems

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The Toyota Prius is a high quality automobile, but like any vehicle on the road, it can experience serious problems (with the engine, brakes, electrical system or transmission) that cost thousands of dollars to repair. These days, Toyota transmissions have become more complicated and parts such as the clutch, flywheel and torque converter can fail regardless of your driving habits. Toyota’s manufacturer warranty protects the Prius from these problems for a period of time, but once the warranty is over, you could be on the hook for a huge repair bill if your Toyota Prius runs into engine, brake or transmission problems. The best way to protect yourself is by getting an extended warranty – use the link below to get a free online quote in just seconds:

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You have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars to save by getting a free extended warranty quote for your Toyota Prius. I hope that your Toyota never runs into these transmission problems, but you should always be prepared. Click Here if you would like to request a free quote on an extended warranty for a vehicle other than the Toyota Prius.

Corolla body kits for the personalized look

Corolla Body Kits For The Personalized Look

Corolla made by Toyota and which debuted in the U.S. in 1968 and continues to still hold its grip in the market says a lot about the car. Corolla is one of the most important names in the history of automobiles. There are valid reasons for its long lasting popularity. It is not a large car but is very reliable, inexpensive, and fuel efficient. It has appealed to youths as well as to elderly persons. Earlier it was available in a number of styles as sedan, coupe, hatchback, and wagon, but now it is available only as a sedan. In its long life it has seen ten generations, each generation showing some improvements and modifications. In the eighth generation lasting from 1998 to 2002 air bags were introduced. The ninth generation from 2003 to2008 provided better acceleration and some other improvements. All along it had remained a basic economic car with easy handling.

Having selected your car, now you can move on to acquiring its accessories. Corolla body kits are one of the accessories that buyers use to give their car a new and exclusive look. Corolla body kits are a set of external fittings of a car. Generally they include rear and front bumpers, side skirts, fenders and spoilers. These may be made of metal, or polyurethane, or fiberglass, or rubber.

They are available in a number of shapes and designs. There is such a demand of body kits that as a part of the entire automobile industry the body kits industry has taken rapid strides. Body kits are car specific so it would be prudent to go in for Corolla body kits. Have them fitted properly for better service. By wisely choosing body kits you can customize your car.

A number of buyers have been happy with their Corollas for a very long time, so would you be. You will also be proud to own a car which has created a unique place for itself in the annals of automobile industry. You will like a smooth and quiet ride in Corolla embellished with Corolla body kits. You can see the latest Corolla body kits at www.ilovebodykits.com.

Honda service keeping your reliable car reliable

Honda Service Keeping Your Reliable Car Reliable

Hondas are said to be one of the most reliable cars available in the marketplace today. Alongside Toyota, people buy Hondas because they want a car that will always trundle home somehow, no matter what has happened to it! If you own a Honda, there are several Honda- specific issues that your mechanic should be aware of. Today, we’re looking at how to choose your car service provider or mechanic if you own a Honda, and some of the issues that these little cars have.
Honda car service – what to look for
If you are searching for a new mechanic to take care of your Honda (whether it is new or used), there are a few things you should take in to consideration.
* Does the mechanic do log book scheduled servicing for your model of Honda? This is a great indicator that the company is familiar with your model of car and the manufacturer’s requirements for keeping it in good shape. Even if you own an older version of the model and don’t need log book servicing, this is a good sign that you’ve chosen the right mechanic.
* If you own a hybrid Civic, is the mechanic familiar with working on hybrid engines?
* As with vetting all mechanics, look at whether they provide a written quote before starting work, whether they offer a warranty on both parts and labour, and how far (in time, kilometers, or distance) that warranty extends
Popular models of Honda
Every model of Honda that a mechanic works on helps them get a better understanding of the make in general. If your mechanic has worked on the following popular models of Honda, you can be confident about their ability to do a good job on your car repairs:
* Accord
* CR-V
* Breee
* Civic
* HR-V
* Integra
* Jaz
* Legend
* Odyssey
* Prelude
The Honda Care Program – Right for You?
Honda offers an in-house servicing and reapir program for their cars – the Honda Care Program. You buy a plan (of which there are varying levels), in order to get things like:
* Roadside assistance
* Concierge emergency service
* Rental car reimbursement
* Trip interruption allowance
* Comprehensive component coverage
The Honda Care program is sort of like auto club membership. You pay for coverage for a specified period (usually a combination of years and kilometers driven, whichever comes first), and the benefits are available to you. However, if you don’t need any servicing in that time, the money is wasted.
Look past the dealers
If you’ve just bought a new Honda, you don’t have to go back to the dealer to have it serviced or repaired. Going to a third party will have no effect on your new car warranty – this has been guaranteed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. However, you should always ensure that you new Honda service is done according to manufacturer’s specifications – the term ‘log book servicing’ indicates that your mechanic does this.

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