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Waukegan trucks toyota vp discusses tacoma and tundra

Waukegan trucks: Toyota VP discusses Tacoma and Tundra

The automotive industry’s recent economic woes have hit home for a lot of manufacturers. Toyota has been hit just as hard as some of the other manufacturers, posting less than desirable numbers for sales of the Tundra (off by more than 50 percent). To curb some of the problems, Toyota has decided to move Tacoma production from the west coast to San Antonio. But more has to be done, and the manufacturer’s VP recently talked to a well-known internet trade publication to reveal the company’s plans for its reliable Tacoma and Tundra models.

“Did we plan for all this?” Bob Carter asked. “No way, but we did try to anticipate as many different scenarios in the development and layout of the San Antonio plant as possible.” Accommodating both trucks on the same production line won’t bring too much change to the facility. With the San Antonio facility pumping out far less than the predicted 200,000 Tundra units a year, there is plenty of room to move the Tacoma in. Your local Waukegan new car dealer isn’t expecting any serious changes to its stock.

Discussing the future of the two vehicles, Carter said, “We don’t have any doubt the market for these trucks will come back. Will it be as big as it was several years ago? Probably not, but people will be coming back to pickups, large and small…Sure, it won’t be soon, but we’re guessing it’ll be between 6 to 12 months after the car segment has fully recovered to strong levels—and we want to make sure we’re there and ready to go.” Waukegan trucks dealerships that offer Toyota vehicles are taking these words to heart.

Carter expects that the Tacoma will continue to be a market leader and hopes the Tundra will chip away at competitors to fill a more dominant role in its truck segment. Stepping into your Waukegan dealer over the next couple of years, you might notice the changes the fledgling manufacturer is making to its cars. With the increased pressure that the government and consumers have put on the automotive industry, you can bet that renewed efficiency is at the forefront of every manufacturer’s mind. Toyota’s dedication to excellence is keeping Waukegan trucks on the market.

The Toyota Tacoma has gained a reputation for aesthetic variety, stupendous off-road abilities, solid build quality and outstanding reliability and durability. For a midsize pickup truck, the Tacoma delivers either a 2.7-liter four-cylinder or 4.0-liter V6 engine for the ultimate power. It’s a wonder that your Waukegan new car dealer can keep any of these trucks on the lot with the benefits the vehicle offers.

Especially with the country’s renewed interest in fuel-efficiency and eco-friendliness, the truck market has been taking a hit. But that doesn’t mean people no longer need the power and storage room that trucks can offer. Simply put, manufacturers like Toyota need to put more thought into how we will see trucks in the future. Expect your Waukegan dealer to be ahead of the curve.

Round lake car dealers expect major interest in new subcompact debuted in detroit

Round Lake Car Dealers Expect Major Interest In New Subcompact Debuted In Detroit

My job takes me into the city a lot, and I end up having to do a lot of driving around from meeting to meeting. City driving can be insane; you can be stuck in a jam one minute and have someone tailgating you the next. One of the absolute worst parts of city driving, though, is parking. The bigger the car, the harder it is to park, so over the past couple of years I’ve really developed a liking for subcompact vehicles. And yes, I know the pitfalls associated with smaller cars, but for what I use the vehicles for, a subcompact just makes the most sense.
Another key benefit of the subcompact is fuel efficiency. A smaller car takes less fuel to power, so it costs less to get around. I own my own business, so when I’m in the city for meetings with clients and potential clients, it just makes financial sense to own a vehicle that doesn’t cost me much to get around in. So, this past fall, when I walked into my Waukegan Prius dealer, one of the staff members told me about an announcement that will have me coming back to my Round Lake car dealer in the near future.
We’ve all been abreast of the new technologies that are revolutionizing fuel economy across the industry. So far, the battle is being led by hybrid technology, with the Toyota Prius setting the bar as high as 51 miles per gallon. While we’re still waiting for the first wave of electric cars to hit the market, hybrid technology has shown itself to be a solid bet in terms of fuel efficient technologies, so a lot of automakers are coming out with new vehicles that are refining hybrid engines to become more powerful and even more fuel efficient. As the brand leading the way in fuel efficiency, Toyota is making moves to stay on top – ones that your Round Lake car dealership will surely reap the benefits of.
At the recent Detroit Auto Show, Toyota unveiled a subcompact hybrid that may be the first step in turning the Prius into a line of cars, rather than keeping it a single model. It would be easy marketing for the Japanese manufacturer, as the Prius name is well known among consumers nationwide. Your Prius Waukegan dealer would benefit from another innovation in fuel efficiency. And another huge announcement about the new car: Toyota says it expects the new hybrid engine to get even better fuel efficiency than the original Prius that helped spawn the entire movement, the car selling like wildfire at Round Lake used cars dealerships everywhere.
Even after a rough 2009 marred by recalls, Toyota is taking a step forward into the future and leaving the past behind it. 2010 promises much heavier interest from the general American buying market, and an innovation like the new subcompact could be the spark to ignite the blaze. Keep your eyes peeled for the new car, and stop by a Round Lake used cars dealer today to test-drive the traditional Prius.

Toyota celica lights

Toyota Celica Lights

The HID lights designed for Toyota Celica are a great blessing for the drives at night. The online market offer you a range of Xenon bulbs for your Toyota Celica, the online market will surely not disappoint you in finding you one pair of HID that suits your car. You just need to surf the internet and find out what suits your car. The HID kit for Toyota Celica cars not only allows to a safe driving but makes sure others to see you as well which makes all your drives much safer.

The only answer to your night time driving problems is Toyota Celica HID lights! The Toyota Celica HID lights blows ordinary halogen lights out of the scope because firstly, they are both reasonably priced and state of the art technology that no other lights on the market employ. The conversion from stock lights to Toyota Celica HID lights is easy because they are design with the consumer in mind. All you need is to go online and order your Toyota Celica HID’s and a basic tool kit, and then it’s a piece of cake to dressing up your Toyota Celica like its getting ready for the big day! Toyota Celica HID lights will shine your way to avoid those hard to see driving obstacles without a hitch.

We are talking about HID lights for Toyota Celica vehicle. Suppose you have a Toyota Celica vehicle. Toyota Celica HID lights are found very easily over the internet at the lowest price. You will find huge options for Toyota Celica head lights over internet. All you have to do is to choose the best one for your Toyota Celica model. Toyota Celica HID lights come in variety of styles and designs which is used to improve the look and visibility of your vehicle. Toyota Celica head lights comes in factory direct replacement mode. All you will have to do is to remove the bolt and install the new HID lights. Toyota Celica HID lights for every common models are available at the online shops and they have the best price in market, buying online is a good experience and I recommend it because you can read reviews and the pros and cons of every model and read the specifications of the products weather it suite your car or not.

A recent development in relation to the car lights is that the governments are currently planning to make the use of Daytime running car lights compulsory on all new vehicles by 2011. The driving force behind this new ruling are studies that have shown daytime running car lights reduce day light crashes by up to 12% for cars and 10% for motorbikes. However, it is true to say that not all safety or environmental groups are happy with this proposed new ruling, so what are the pros and cons of keeping your car lights on in the daytime and can it benefit you.

Failure to see the other vehicle is cited in 50% of day time road traffic accidents, with this figure rising to up to 80% for collisions that occur at road junctions. One of the reasons why daytime running car lights are believed to have the ability to reduce road accident is that a vehicle with its lights on appears closer than it actually is. Resulting in drivers being less likely to take risk when pulling out of turn or attempting to overtake in the face of oncoming traffic.

Toyota Celica Lights

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