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Toyota prius battery replacement alternative money saving solutions

Toyota Prius Battery Replacement, Alternative Money Saving Solutions

One morning I came to realize that the life of my Toyota Prius battery had come to an end. It was then brought to my attention that a Toyota Prius battery replacement was going to cost me around $4,000. At that moment I got the idea to fix my battery problem rather than buying a new one. And yes, it is possible to use alternative solutions to resolve this in a quicker and just as effective way.

What are the alternative solutions to your Toyota Prius battery Replacement?

1. Buying a rebuilt Toyota Prius battery and installing it yourself, costing you around $1,500.

2. Rebuild your Toyota Prius battery yourself and having it cost you around $500.

These alternative solutions are the ones that are most commonly used when it comes to a Toyota Prius battery replacement. Finding a solution to resolving my battery problem was not hard but rather easy for me. At first, I was worried about how this problem would be affecting me financially, having been told it would cost me about $4000 to get a Toyota Prius battery replacement. But like i said, I was determined to find a better solution to this problem. As I began my research, just as you’re probably doing presently at the moment. I came to find the alternative solutions I just explained to you earlier.

After further research I found an online website that has a guide explaining how to rebuild a Toyota Prius battery and having it repaired using your everyday hand tools. I knew that if I was going to fix this problem, I wanted it to be completely resolved and done right. Because I didn’t want to wake up again one morning to another dead Prius battery in the near future. But then I came to find out that a lot of people had already implemented what they had read from this guide, and had resulted in great success for them. The site also has a 60 day money back guarantee and seeing that i was completely satisfied, I didn’t wait much and bought the guide.

I read the guide and it has a step by step guideline. Following the instructions, I spent about $500 on my Toyota Prius battery replacement and resolved the problem. This task was actually quite simple and possible for anyone to get it done. You can even hand down this guide to your local mechanic and have the job done for you, having it cost you just around the same. Since then I never came to having another problem with my Toyota Prius battery. The best part was finding an alternative solution with the same great results, and not having it cost me $4,000 to get them. In doing so, the $1000’s that would have been spent on my Toyota Prius battery replacement was the large amount of money that was saved!

Hybrid car batteries lifespan are they worth the money

Hybrid Car Batteries Lifespan – Are They Worth The Money?

The batteries in hybrid cars are responsible for the improved fuel economy that has become central to the technology.They get a hybrid car moving from stopped to a low speed – generally around thirty-five mph, at which point the gas engine cuts in.  This puts less stress on the gasoline engine and extends the amount of fuel a car burns between trips to the gas station.

The harmful chemicals that give the hybrid batteries their energy, however, are becoming a concern for the environmentally conscious.  But because of the comparatively low number of hybrids on the road, the ‘poison’ alarm has not been offically sounded.  Nevertheless the concern is that at some point the trash dumps will fill up with carcinogenic materials.

There are two types of batteries currently being used in hybrid cars:  Lead-acid and nickel-metal hydride, otherwise referred to as NiMH.  Lithium-ion (Li-ion) is the third kind, but by the time these are in each and every hybrid, lead-acid batteries are going to be history. Certainly, lead-acid is the most poisonous of the three, and on top of that it is also exceptionally heavy, reducing some of the energy efficiency gains from the electric motor.

Lead-acid is becoming less of a contender in the hybrid vehicle battery market and is being replaced by nickel-metal hydride. NiMH batteries may be less harmful than lead, however they do have environmental disadvantages:  They are at least potentially carcinogenic and the method through which the nickel is mined is hazardous. Lithium-ion batteries in contrast, are by far the least contaminated of the three and are considered by many experts to be the future of hybrid vehicle batteries. In fact, car companies are committing millions of dollars in research for a functioning hybrid car battery that utilizes the identical sort of power currently found in laptop computers and MP3 players.

Just how long do hybrid car batteries last? And the answer is over 300,000 miles!  Honda and Toyota guarantee their batteries for 100K or less, but they have rarely had to sell replacements.  As far as cost, you would shell out between 3 and 4 thousand dollars to get a full battery pack change.

Toyota yaris recall toyota recalls

Toyota Yaris Recall – Toyota Recalls

Toyota makes excellent vehicles and the Toyota Yaris is no exception. If you drive a Toyota Yaris, you should learn how to protect yourself from potential Toyota recalls. Automobile recalls have been all over the news recently – read this article to learn how to protect yourself in case of a Toyota Yaris Recall – Toyota Recalls

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Even the highest quality Toyota vehicles will eventually run into mechanical problems (such as engine or transmission problems). Unfortunately, this usually happens once Toyota’s warranty is no longer there to protect you from the high cost of automotive repairs. If you aren’t protected, just one major problem or Toyota recall can cost you thousands of dollars. An extended warranty will protect you from the significant cost of repairing these problems and gives you peace of mind knowing that your Toyota Yaris will be taken care of in the event that expensive repairs are required.

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With so many automobile recalls currently in the news, it is more important than ever to protect yourself and your Toyota Yaris by getting an extended warranty. It takes just a few seconds to receive a free, no obligation quote for an extended warranty for your vehicle, which can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the near future. Get a FREE quote on Toyota Yaris Extended Warranty today!

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