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Toyota prius problems learn about toyota prius problems recalls

Toyota Prius Problems | Learn About Toyota Prius Problems & Recalls

Toyota Prius Problems | Learn About Toyota Prius Problems & Recalls. If you are having problems with your Toyota Prius, you should read this article. The Toyota Prius is an excellent vehicle, but it can have many problems that are expensive to repair. Don’t be forced to pay thousands of dollars to repair your Toyota Prius, consider getting an extended warranty for your Toyota Prius now:

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The Toyota Prius is a quality automobile, but like any vehicle on the road, it can experience serious problems with its engine, transmission, brakes or electrical system that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. The manufacturer’s warranty protects your Toyota Prius from these problems for a little while, but once the warranty is over, you could be on the hook for a huge repair bill when your Toyota Prius has a problem. You have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars to save by getting a free quote on an extended warranty quote for your Toyota Prius.

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In this tough economy, you shouldn’t have to spend your hard earned money on car repairs. I hope that your Toyota Prius never runs into any serious problems, but you should always be prepared just in case. The best way to protect yourself is by getting an extended warranty – click on the image below to get a free no obligation quote for a Toyota Prius Extended Warranty in just two minutes:

2009 toyota trucks tacoma and tundra

The 2009 Toyota Tacoma and Tundra are the newest addition in the variety of Toyota cars ranging from luxury sport utilities to pick-up trucks. With solid build and an array of new features to enhance durability and reliability off the road Toyota trucks are ideal for heavy towing. Variety of engine, cab and pick up bed design and reasonable pricing earned Toyota the popularity it has today.
In the past trucks were simply meant for carrying loads and they looked somewhat similar and hence monotonous. But today with auto makers like Toyota things have changed to a great extent. Power output of trucks increased in keeping with size. Toyota gives you plenty of choices starting from basic cargo haulers to compact or mid-size trucks that can challenge a sedan in terms of luxury and comfort. The two main categories of Toyota trucks are Tacoma and Tundra.
The 2009 Toyota Tacoma is available in three cab styles – regular, extended or Access Cab and crew cab. Each one comes in varied body style and trims. So, there is something for everyone with Toyota. Tacoma buyers have 2.7L 4 cylinder engine and 4L V6 engine to choose from. For regular hauling V6 is obviously a better option.
For about a decade Toyota Tacoma has been the backbone in the line of Toyota’s compact pick up trucks. These trucks are smaller in scale with a towing capacity up to 3,000 pounds compared to a full size truck. Compact trucks give better mileage than their full-size counterparts. Toyota Tacoma 2WD having 4 cylinder 2.7L 5-speed manual engine has EPA fuel economy rate 20 mpg in city and 25 on highway while Tacoma 4WD of same capacity rates 17 in city and 22 for highway.
Those who have heavier towing needs better opt for Toyota Tundra which is a full-size truck with much higher tow capacity. Since Tundra’s launch in the beginning of the new millennium it gave a tough competition to the Big Three’s pick up truck versions. With superior V8 engine, additional comfort features and the reputation for durability Tundra emerged to be a popular one amidst recreational pickup buyers as well as serious truck users.
Toyota Tundra trucks are available in regular cab, double cab and CrewMax cab styles. The regular cab extends to double cab with an additional pair of forward-hinged doors while Tundra CrewMax with an extra large cab can carry up to 6 passengers.
The 2009 Toyota Tundra is available in 6 trims each for regular and CrewMax while double cab body style comes in 12 trims. Cargo bed size is also flexible for Tundra. You can have 2009 Tundra regular cab or double cabs having 6.5-foot to 8-foot bed, while the CrewMax comes with a 5.5-foot bed only. With wide variety of configurations it is much more convenient to use Tundra for hard-core towing as well as passenger hauling.
With flexibility in design, V6 and V8 engine options and high-end technological features to improve off-road ability it is easily understandable why Toyota Tundra was chosen for Truck Trend’s annual Truck of the Year award for 2008.

Toyota prius review the pros and cons

Toyota Prius Review – the Pros and Cons

Everyone has seen the futuristic Toyota Prius as they have navigated the highways. It arrived on the scene in 2004 and was quick to gain supporters. Its popularity soared in Hollywood among those whose “green” lifestyle needed a matching car. Other California drivers grew interested when the state of California issued HOV passes for those driving the Toyota Prius.

The design hasn’t changed much in 2008, but it remains a hot seller. The Manufacturers Retail price for a 2008 Toyota Prius starts at 22,000. With climbing gas prices they are hard to find. The Prius is powered by a battery powered electric motor and a gasoline engine. They can either work together or by themselves. This combination gets the driver the best fuel economy.

If you are interested in protecting the air we breathe, the Prius produces minimal emissions when stuck in traffic. The gasoline engine only activates when driving highway speeds or when a power surge is necessary. The Prius seats 5 (4 adults comfortably) and has 4 doors. It actually lists as a midsize sedan. Seat configuration also allows for plenty of cargo room for the size of the car.

The Prius has large windows that allow for great visibility. One of the most popular features is the push button start. Other high tech features include a rear view monitor and DVD navigation. The Toyota Prius has above average safety ratings and scored all 4 and 5s on crash tests. The Prius’ features make it perfect for anyone.

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