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Schaumburg camry news toyota model scores higher than the honda accord

Schaumburg Camry News: Toyota model scores higher than the Honda Accord

It has been one heck of a year for Toyota, and the last several years have been a roller coaster of emotions for the automaker. It all started when Toyota launched the Prius, which garnered top honors as the most fuel efficient car on the market for years. Then, Schaumburg Camry dealers and Prius drivers were plagued with this huge recall only a few months ago. It was certainly a big setback for the Japanese manufacturer – one the Schaumburg Toyota Rav4 dealers explain they are still making a comeback from. However, the Prius is still the industry leading car in terms of fuel economy, Toyota is still pushing forward with new engine developments and new model launches, and the Japanese automaker hopes to emerge victorious after it emerges from the smoke.
One of the long-standing vehicles to represent innovation, dependability and affordability in the Toyota camp is the simple but highly functional Camry. This car has been on the market forever and has always garnered high marks from Schaumburg Camry drivers for its general affordability. Like its close sibling the Toyota Corolla, the Camry is known for having a low total cost of ownership and a high resale value, both of which are crucial factors in evaluating a vehicle’s overall dependability. Even Schaumburg Toyota Rav4 drivers are envious of Camry drivers, although the functionality you gain by purchasing the Rav4 is comparable depending on what you need your car for.
Regardless, if you were to compare the Camry to its nearest competitor (the Honda Accord), you would be able to tell exactly why the Camry gets a better wrap from Schaumburg Camry drivers. The Camry offers better utility in terms of trunk space, for one. The Camry also barely ekes out the win in terms of performance, with comparable numbers to the Accord but better overall engine power. And progress is a big issue when it comes to innovation, so the Camry’s more impressive numbers in terms of fuel economy and lower numbers in terms of emissions edge out the Accord yet again. Schaumburg Toyota Rav4 drivers are proud that their brand is making such huge strides in the small car market.
Safety is a huge issue when it comes to driving, and the Camry edges out the Accord in yet another crucial category. While the Accord gets some five-star ratings in terms of safety, the Camry gets the same distinction across the board, making it one of the safest rides available anywhere. You will only find that kind of safety when you deal with Toyota, the reigning champ of both safety and fuel economy. On top of all this, the Camry comes down with a five-year ownership cost that is more than a grand and a half lower than the Accord. More inexpensive and more dependable, it looks like the Camry gets the nod across the board in comparison to the Accord. Sorry Honda, but you will have to try harder next time to beat the best automaker in the world.

Recalled toyotas a national emergency

Recalled Toyotas A National Emergency?

Ray LaHood which is the U.S. Transportation Secretary spoke at a congressional hearing, Wednesday, stating that people should complete stop driving Toyotas that have been involved with the massive recall.

“My advice is, if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it, take it to the Toyota dealer because they believe they have the fix for it,” said LaHood.

“We need to fix the problem so people don’t have to worry about disengaging the engine or slamming the brakes on or put it in neutral.”

Shares in Japan fell over seven percent due to the recalled toyotas, which is now at $76.62 U.S.  There has been over 2.5million recalled toyotas in the United States and Canada, over the issue about the sticky accelerator.

LaHood also stated he wants to talk to the Toyota automaker about their response to customer complaints.

“We’re not finished with Toyota,” LaHood said in an email to Reuters.

Also, in other news, United States safety are reviewing the electronic throttle system as a possible cause to the sudden acceleration connected to the recalled toyotas.

Toyota has already ruled out electronics as a cause of sudden acceleration by its cars. Millions of Toyota cars have been recalled internationally because of sticky gas pedals.

Also, the United States Government will be considering civil penalties the Japanese automaker, for its handling on this crisis involving the recalled toyotas.

Suggestions have been made that Toyota may not be doing all it can to resolve the accelerator pedal problems.

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Toyota yaris extended warranty

Toyota Yaris Extended Warranty

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