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The new toyota prius is very good hybrid car

The best selling and most popular hybrid car in the world right now is once again the Toyota Prius. When the Prius was released back in 1997 it pioneered the trend towards hybrid vehicles. Initially, the Prius didn’t sell very well at all, however, sales start to increase as more models were introduced. In 2003 Toyota came out with  their second generation hybrid vehicle making it car of the year according to Motor Trend.

Rapidly soaring gas prices are another reason why people are looking for alternatives, therefore environmental and health concerns are not the sole reasons hybrids are purchased. Although there are many hybrid cars an individual can choose from, the Prius is the number one choice due to its simplicity and price.

The Toyota Prius’ second generation has improved upon the first one in many important ways. The first generation Toyota Prius was fuel efficient but it only had the additional option of air-conditioning. Compared to the original, the enhanced version was roomier, faster and flashier. It’s the first midsize hatchback sedan on the market which has won many awards.

The Synergy hybrid system is used in all Toyota hybrid models. It possesses a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine with intelligent valve timing and permanent magnet Ac synchronous motor. It has 110 horsepower (gas and electric power combined) and it gets 46 miles for each gallon of gas. (city and highway mileage combined, as rated by EPA).

Some features are an electronically controlled continuous variable transmission, as well as an anti-lock system and regenerative breaking. It has 89 % fewer emissions and grants the owner a tax credit upon purchase.

Power windows, cloth seats, micron filter air-conditioners, cruise control, door locks, and keyless remote entry are included as standard features in the secoind generation Toyota Prius. Switches can be found on the steering wheel that controls the climate, audio and cruise control.

Navigational systems with Bluetooth is one of the options customers have when buying the vehicle. The ignition is tuned on by a power button instead of suing the key which make it different than any other hybrid on the market. On the dashboard is an energy motor that monitors the power that flows through the battery pack, engine and electric motor.

The second generation Toyota Prius may not look as stylish as other hybrid cars on the market but its fuel efficiency, eco friendly features and an affordable price make it stand out from the rest. The practical alternative choice is the pioneer.

Innovates my innova

Innovates My Innova

Toyota is one of the most stabilized car company all over the world. It has the successful marketing techniques and unique productions of cars. Toyota brought a breakthrough as one of highly innovative company globally. As a car maker, the brand Toyota is already a trademark of high quality car- the engine, the body, and the accessories. Toyota has develop already the trademark of success with regards on every cars they made.
One of the model unit that surprisingly boost up the heart of every car fanatics is the Toyota Innova. Toyota Innova is an Indonesian designed multi-purpose vehicle. These was produced in Indonesia under the supervision of Toyota Astra Motor since 2003. Toyota Innova has a new engine which gives more power, equipped with close loop combustion system, and based from auto Bild Indonesia test, the consumption of petrol is 1 liter can fit for 11-12 kilometers. The Innova has 3 editions. The E, G and V editions. E edition is a version of most basic edition of Innova. The G version has enhanced features like wing mirrors, door handles, moulding and back door garnish in chrome. And the V version is the top version and has ABS ans SRS Bags for improved safety, fog lamps for good visibility in fog, 2 DIN audio system with 6 speakers and alloy wheels. Through this edition of innova, there are 10 variants for you to choose. The Innova G1 8S, Innova V 8S, Innova G4 8S, Innova G4 7S, Innova E 8S, Innova V 8S, Innova V 7S, Innova G4 8S, Innova G1 8S, and the Innova E 7S.
Toyota Innova today, is one of the the fastest moving sold vehicles of Toyota company. Over thousand of units being sold globally. These vehicle is one of the highest sold car because it’s a multi-purpose vehicle that suits in every needs of a car owner. This vehicle has a character of a truly innovative as we used it our multi task of our daily living.

Ground breaking engineer designed toyota camry

Ground Breaking Engineer Designed Toyota Camry

For several years running, the Toyota Camry has been a top ten best selling model. This is due to the fact that the Toyota Camry offers not only performance and fuel efficiency, but an impressive amount of interior room at a good price as well. For all of these factors the Toyota Camry is a car that will give a buyer the most bang for their buck.
The Toyota Camry utilizes a very innovative engineering design that will inevitably succeed in its rankings. Cutoff switch and traction control, anti-lock brake system with electronic brake-force distribution, and brake assist is what the Toyota Camry provides its owners with a star safety system is just part of the safety side that also includes an enhanced vehicle stability control. Many protective features are also included by Toyota Cambry, including driver and front row passenger airbags, 3-point seatbelts on all seats with adjustable shoulder anchors, crumple zones located on the front and sides of the car, side impact door beams, a tire pressure monitoring system, an energy-absorbent steering column, child protection locks on the back doors as well as child tethers on outboard seats, and an engine immobilizer. The quality can be seen from Toyota Camry’s feature such as aerodynamic multi-reflector projector-beam headlamps, light-emitting diode for tail, stop and side marker lamps, 16-in. CFC-free air conditioning that can filter dusts and pollens, and a heavy-duty electric rear window defogger with timer.
Whereas for the technology, its is very evident from the features such as tilt/telescopic steering wheel with audio controls.

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