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Buy used honda engines to get comfort and luxury back at affordable price

Buy Used Honda Engines to Get Comfort and Luxury Back at Affordable Price

Honda, the world famous brand that gives its user or customer complete comfort level and luxuriousness. Honda is renowned for its efficiency and long lasting engine. But after a certain time period, like other vehicles’ engines, Honda will also tend to break down. At that time, you might consider resell it.
But, before going ahead, why don’t you swap your engine with used engine. You must be thinking that it’s a costly deal. But that’s not true; you can get cheaper deal for swapping engine. You must have heard about used engines which are offered by lots of engines dealers.
By purchasing used engines, you can save lots of your money. You will find lots of dealers that offer a wide range of used Honda engines that meets your specific requirements. Japan is biggest dealer of used engines of various brands. One big question that strikes everyone’s mind is that why these used engines are imported from Japan. The answer is Japan deals in a wide range of cars. But when we consider labor cost, gasoline, fuel, parking, etc Japan is four times higher than US. One needs to take parking permission from before buying car that costs around $500 per month that is quite expensive. Car with bit damage consider as the unsafe car and recycled early.
If you are planning to buy engine for your Honda car, search for used engines as order to get cheap deal. Used Japanese engines doesn’t imported until they have been checked for leakdown, smooth crankshaft, oil content, compression, no sign of spark plug fouling, etc. Before purchasing used Honda engines, ensure to check it properly and get it for reasonable price. There are lots of engines dealer who deal in Honda engines and various other used engines. You can find them on the Internet as well. All you need to do is browse the website and go through the details thoroughly to get the best deal.
Engine world USA, a leading name renowned for used Japanese engines, specializes in Honda engines, Acura engine, Toyota engines, and many other used engines which are properly tested and ready to install your car.

Honda civic ima: hybrid doesn’t have to be boring

The call for eco-friendly vehicles has made automakers from the US and Japan to compete for the cash, hearts, and mind of the growing green car buyers. And presently it seems like the Japanese brands Toyota and Honda are leading the green vehicle department.
Honda maker of Honda exhaust system and Toyota have provided green car buyers with solutions in the shaped of modern design hybrid cars which were very much welcomed in both US and Japan reflected by the huge sales that these two hybrid brands have obtained. The success of hybrid vehicles has also reached other countries as a matter of fact the Irish government has responded positively to the arrival of hybrids in their market. It has given 50 percent Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) rebate on hybrids. This is the government’s way of encouraging the Irish people to purchase hybrid vehicles.
Despite the alluring tax incentive that the government is offering it is not enough to convince people to purchase a hybrid vehicle. People buy cars based on three factors and these are looks, performance, and price. Honda Civic and Toyota are very much aware of this and that’s why they have taken the effort to create the Honda Civic IMA and the Toyota Prius in accordance to the preference of their customers.
Honda hybrid cars make use of advanced Honda exhaust technology that lessens harmful emissions same with Toyota although it employs a different exhaust system but the end product is just the same. The new Civic IMA hybrid leads in terms of strict engine performance. Its 1.3 liter Honda engine and 10 kW electrical system revs up a total of 115 bhp while the 1.5 liter petrol Prius produces only 76 bhp. The Honda system compared to Toyota produces more torque and can achieve a higher forward speed.
On the other hand the Prius score much higher in terms of acceleration and economy. It’s almost half a second faster in terms of acceleration to Honda—11.5 seconds compared to the 12.1 seconds for the Civic IMA in a 0 to 100 km/hr race. The Toyota Prius is also more economical than the Honda Civic IMA that is despite the fact that IMA is rated as very clean with CO2 output level of just 109 g/km.
At the heart of the Civic IMA is the new Honda Hybrid System which is consists of a new 1.3 liter 3-stage iVTEC engine plus Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) —which explains the IMA in its name. The new Honda Hybrid System makes use of intelligent engine functions plus it is said to give the performance similar to that of a 1.8 liter engine while improving fuel economy, achieving very low levels of exhaust emissions, and reducing the system size by five percent.
The Honda Civic IMA’s 3-stage iVTEC engine utilizes three hydraulic pathways to couple and uncouple five rocker arm assembles, providing three stages of valve control depending on the driving conditions—to achieve a combination of responsive driving and fuel economy. In times of deceleration when the cylinder are idle, the combustion in all four cylinders is stopped and sealed shut, which reduces pumping losses caused by the engine aspiration for a ten percent improvement in recovery of braking energy. Everything has been done on the IMA to reduce friction and that includes the use of aluminum die-cast pistons.
The electric motor system of Honda utilizes coils with high-density windings and high-performance magnets to achieve high output. The inverter that is used to control the motor speed is integrated with the motor’s EGU for more precise digital control which is said to contribute to an even greater motor efficiency and fuel economy.
The battery output of the IMA has also been increased by almost 30 percent. Honda also claims that the IMA’s more compact, custom-designed battery storage box provides better cooling performance as well as vibration resistance for long term reliability.
The regenerative braking system of the IMA is engaged hydraulically to allow optimum braking regeneration along with smooth deceleration that conforms to brake-pedal pressure. IMA’s air conditioner unit features a hybrid compressor that is powered by both the engine and the motor. In case rapid cooling is needed it is powered by the engine and the motor combined. Once the temperature is stable it runs off the motor alone for improved comfort and fuel savings.
The performance of both the Prius and Civic hybrids is almost similar however the Civic IMA is better in styling. Honda’s designers have ensured that the appeal of the IMA would match the tastes of modern audience.

Major advantages of running your car on water

5 Major Advantages of Running Your Car on Water

Soaring oil prices have made all of us think about alternatives to gasoline. Unfortunately, till date, the majority of vehicles run on either gas or diesel, both of which are now touching never before highs. With even the G-8 leaders agreeing that developing new technology is the only way of dealing with the world oil crisis, the common man is forced to think of options to make both ends meet. But the good news is that commoners like us have already developed technologies that bring down fuel consumption to extremely affordable limits.

And no, we are not talking of high priced gas-electric hybrids offered by leading car manufacturers, but a small do-it-yourself kit that lets you run your car on water. The hybrid technology that uses an electrolyzer for converting water into HHO or hydroxy gas, where the hydrogen part is used to power the engine has been around for the past five years. Constantly rising oil prices have put these machines into the limelight as a serious alternative to other high priced or energy deficient hybrid cars. So before you think of looking at other hybrid technologies, have a look at some of the major advantages of running cars on water:

  1. You Save On Fuel Consumption: When you use hybrid technology that combines water and gasoline to run your car, you end up reducing your consumption of gasoline by at least 25% to 40%. This directly translates into major savings on your annual gasoline bills and you no longer have to keep monitoring the odometer every time you take your car out.

  1. You Get To Utilize The Cheapest Hybrid Technology Available: Many gas-electric hybrid models from major car manufacturers like Honda and Toyota might give you the same MPG as a water-gas hybrid. But while regular hybrids cost almost 25% to 40% more than regular gas models of the same cars, a gas-water hybrid kit costs even less than $200.

  1. Your Car’s Performance Gets Better: Hydrogen is a much more efficient fuel than gasoline, so while gasoline leaves carbon residues and other similar rubbish in your engine that bring down both the longevity and performance of your vehicle, running your car on hydrogen ensures that there is no residue to diminish the performance of your car’s engine.

  1. You Save On Tax: Government at both the federal and state levels provide tax rebates to people using hybrids with low emission levels. Since your water run hybrid qualifies you for this, you can easily save hundreds of tax dollars every year. Apart from this, your state government might also give you special favors like providing you with free parking or the use of the carpool lane.

  1. You Get To Do Your Own Bit For The Environment: When you run your car on water, you not only save on fuel consumption, your car produces lesser noise and air pollution than other normal vehicles, letting you drive around guiltlessly.
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